With a new product, a headquarters and an installation designed to welcome the new Milanese showroom, Porro tells the news of this Milan Design Week

At the Salone del Mobile 2023, Porro continues to weave its own story on space, taking up the line of design thinking capable of evolving one step after another for almost 100 years.

Thin thicknesses, movement, transparencies and new finishes distinguish the evolution of the company's systems, furnishings with everyday functionality and concreteness, new classics from which you can never part, such as the Romby armchair, which will already be familiar to the most attentive.

The new Porro product at Milan Design Week 2023: Romby armchair, design by GamFratesi 2023

A new reference </ strong> to all intents and purposes, but with something already known.

The Romby Armchair by Porro was in fact born from the evolution of the chair of the same name designed by GamFratesi in 2020 and quickly became the Porro design.

The geometric purity of the original today takes on softer, welcoming shapes, capable of transferring comfort and warmth: as one would expect from an armchair.

However, the manufacturing excellence and artisan flavor that define the brand remain unchanged.

The shapes of the upholstered shell seem to blossom, they widen and rise to create the armrests, releasing a new sensation of softness and naturalness, without losing the lightness and essentiality of the original model.

The truncated cone base instead leaves the field to the practicality of 4 central wooden legs, a sort of change of clothes with the visual effect of a full suspended upper volume that seems to take flight, in the name of hospitality and functionality.

Porro: the new showroom in Via Visconti di Modrone 29, 20121 Milan

With an immersive three-colour installation and a story that travels through time and space, Porro opens the doors to the construction site of the new Milanese showroom: an interior articulated on several levels full of design possibilities, where own architectural soul in unprecedented installations.

The architectural project and the layout are by Piero Lissoni.

With this novelty, the twenty-year stay in the Milanese showroom in via Durini 15 concludes, and the brand moves to a new space with double visibility on the central via Visconti di Modrone and on the pedestrian via Ronchetti, a brick, glass and metal building covered in ivy with a hidden glimpse of old Milan.

Architecture in dialogue with nature where the past intertwines with the contemporary, thanks to the project by architect Piero Lissoni it offers an interior on several levels full of design possibilities all to be explored: new challenges for Porro's sartorial ability to furnish spaces made-to-measure with artisanal precision, expressing its architectural soul in unprecedented installations.

The inauguration of the space at FuoriSalone 2023

During Milan Design Week 2023, the new showroom in via Visconti di Modrone will host an immersive installation in three colors and a story that travels through time and space, in a construction site still work in progress: a project mysterious and evocative, in line with the imaginative installations with which Porro has enchanted the design public over the years, becoming an essential stop on the Design Week itineraries.