OpenDot and Amsa involve 10 under 30 designers for the 2nd edition of "Unwanted furniture!” the catalog of circular strategies that raises citizens' awareness of waste and extends the life cycle of furnishing objects

Unwanted Furniture is a project by OpenDot and Amsa – GroupA2A, which was created with the aim of making citizens aware of adopting a new look at what is too often considered a waste, when instead the value is only to be recovered, updated, re-signified.

As in the case of furnishings.

Presented during Milan Design Week 2022, for its second edition Unwanted Furniture will showcase 10 new objects created by 10 young designers under 30 in the spaces of Tortona Rocks in via Tortona 5.

OpenDot and Amsa have launched a Call for designers and selected 10 designers who will be entrusted with the redesign and rebirth of 10 objects recovered from Stooping Milano – the Instagram account that facilitates the exchange of disused furniture and furnishings.

Designers have always been entrusted with the great challenge of combining functionality, aesthetics and the needs of the times in which we live and, today more than ever, the need for a sustainable gaze towards the present and the future advances.

With OpenDot support each designer will apply a strategy circular for the transformation of the object itself, thus passing "from an object to be disposed of" to a "design object".

Unwanted Furniture is an open-source catalog designed by OpenDot and Amsa to provide citizens with 10 circular and sustainable design strategies to follow step-by-step to extend the life cycle of objects furniture.

Evaluate different possibilities of reuse of objects that seem 'waste' – as in the case of furniture – in fact allow everyone to give new life to what seems broken, old or obsolete, acquiring skills and a more sustainable relationship between city and citizen, between people and planet.