To tell the story of the new Mandarino di Sicilia fragrance, Acqua di Parma presents a modular installation designed by Fornice Objects at FuoriSalone 2024: Into mandarin fields

A journey to discover scents, lines and colors that refer to the precious Sicilian mandarin fields, source of raw material for the new Acqua di Parma.

Into mandarin fields is the installation created by Fornice Objects specifically for the Milanese boutique in via Gesù 1, it can be visited and open to the public from 13 to 21 April 2024, in free or with guided tours lasting 30 minutes (booking here)

From Milan to Sicily, between modular totems and vibrant colours

Designed to give the Acqua di Parma customer a feeling of complete immersion in the world of the new Sicilian Mandarin and its limited edition Millesimato Mandarin 2022, Into mandarin fields plays with the shapes and colors typical of the Sicilian land from which the raw material comes.

A constant homage, which alternates vitamin and earthy shades, with circular elements of different sizes that recall the woven textures of the baskets used during the fruit harvest

In this stimulating context, the iconic Art Deco bottles of Acqua di Parma are integrated, blurring the boundaries between product and artistic design.

The installation with its totems can also be observed by passers-by: welcoming those who enter and capturing the attention of those walking by are in fact two white structures placed on the sides of the entrance of the boutique, as if to invite their visit.

The central showcase also contributes to the glance, set up with a totem on a pedestal as a luminous background to expose the focal point of the installation - the new Mandarin of Sicily.

Sicilian mandarin from Acqua di Parma: an immersion in the land of origin

The vibrant colors of Into the mandarine fields, combined with the modular creativity of the totems created with 3D printing, tell of a lively, vitamin-rich, sun-kissed territory. A promise of love to guarantee intense and juicy fruits. Those that give unmistakable olfactory notes to the new Acqua di Parma fragrance.

Sicilian Mandarin by Acqua di Parma stands out in fact for the selection of fruits of the Tardivo di Ciaculli quality harvested while still green: a singularity accentuated by the typical terroir of the area, which still takes on more intensity with the limited edition version Mandarino Millesimato 2022, a fragrance that pays homage to the October 2022 collection. A significant moment, following a particularly sunny and dry summer, which gave rise to surprisingly juicy fruits.