The Future for Joy by BMW Design exhibition takes you into the heart of the German brand's stylistic innovation: the Neue Class concept car

May the car always be a moment of gratification. Also and above all in this complex ecological transition, in which we abandon and forget what the development of the car with internal combustion engine meant and we move on to different solutions for individual mobility .

BMW believes in this, and in Milan, at the Design Week, it is no coincidence that it offers a very particular installation, housed in the House of BMW in Via Montenapoleone 12 and entitled Future of Joy by BMW Design, with a concept car at its centre, the Neue Klasse and its meaning for the Munich brand.

“The Neue Klasse represents the next generation of BMW vehicles with its main characteristics electric, digital, circular”, declared Adrian van Hooydonk , head of BMW Group Design: “It's a game changer for the entire company. A profound change, particularly evident in design, whether through the fusion of analog and digital, new biological base materials or in the monolithic design language reduced to the essentials”.

Future of Joy by BMW Design presents work environments in which the company's designers are developing innovative solutions for the electric, digital and circular mobility of tomorrow. Visitors will get an insight into the new design strategy and development process of the two Vision vehicles and will be able to see and touch the Neue Klasse.

The aspiration to create technically excellent products and, at the same time, emotional experiences that put people at the center is constantly reflected in the installation.

The entrance portal, which welcomes visitors with a friendly floral design, already constitutes the physical and virtual passage to a new world.

With a subtle experience of sounds and scents, the portal immediately gives visitors the feeling of an optimistic and inspiring future. This becomes tangible with the BMW Vision Neue Klasse, which presents itself to the public in the new BMW design language (which must be clear, elegant and timeless) in the center of the courtyard. The atrium sees itself as a place for meeting, inspiration and reflection.

By passing inside theFuture of Joy by BMW Designinstallation, the visitor enters a warmer world of colors with yellow and orange tones. On a journey through the different disciplines of design, interior and exterior, color and finish design, as well as user interface and sound design, we discover how previously separate categories merge together and create a complete user experience.

A light show plays with the color concepts of the two vision vehicles: yellow for the BMW Vision Neue Klasse and orange for the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X.

The room's matte silver ceiling then creates a feeling of infinite space through reflection and represents the harmony between people and technology.

Sustainable color and material swatches, artwork for the design work and process and an engaging film about the BMW Vision Neue Klasse and BMW Vision Neue Klasse X allow the audience to immerse themselves in the feeling of positive energy of the Neue Klasse.