Edra presents the first collection of outdoor fabrics in the courtyard of Palazzo Durini and three new rooms on the main floor

The permanent showroom Edra, located on the main floor of the Palazzo Durini, expands its exhibition space with three new rooms and, on the occasion of the FuoriSalone, presents - only in the courtyard (and not at the Salone del Mobile.Milano) - the outdoor versions of the models On the Rocks, Sherazade and Standard by Francesco Binfaré, covered by the Every Place Collection.

The new external and internal coverings derive from the recovery of plastic bottles (100% PET)

The result of research in the world of materials conducted by Monica Mazzei, Edra vice-president, Every Place is the covering composed of a new concept yarn, made exclusively for Edra and obtained from recovered plastic bottles (100% PET), treated and regenerated.

Combined with the models' special internal structures, built in breathable and anti-mold material, the new covering is characterized by its irregular and three-dimensional texture.

The colour, already defined in the thread extrusion phase, is available in eight variations and guarantees maximum light resistance. Finishes added in the subsequent processing stages also make both the fiber and the fabric fireproof and suitable for outdoors.

It is not afraid of the sun's rays, direct light and saltiness and is therefore suitable for poolsides, boats and all humid areas.

he On the Rocks, Sherazade and Standard sofas, designed by Francesco Binfaré are displayed with the special outdoor structures and different variants of the Every Place collection in the court of Edra Palazzo Durini.


The Chandeliers of the Rivers Collection are installed under the arches of the courtyard of Palazzo Durini - in homage to the sacred rivers such as the Ganges and the Tigris - by Jacopo Foggini. These are luminous, majestic, light and out-of-scale sculptures, made of polycarbonate, the designer's material of choice.