The programme, news and addresses not to be missed at Durini District Design on the occasion of FuoriSalone 2024

With over 40,000 square metres of exhibition spaces, Durini Design District Milano (DDD Milano) is made up of 40 brands spokespersons of excellent design in the world, part of the Milano Durini association Design.

Much more than a metropolitan district, DDD Milan is to all intents and purposes a community of companies with a strong sense of belonging, each representing Made in Italy in terms of production quality, attention to trends and avant-garde in the sector, which responds to the Milano Durini Design association.

The reality, now consolidated and constantly evolving because it is constantly open to all sector companies present in Milan, was born in 2016 from an intuition Massimo Salamone, architect and still President of MDD.

Colour as the fulcrum of values at the FuoriSalone 2024

On the occasion of FuoriSalone 2024, DDD Milano chooses to think about colour: a fundamental value that characterizes every creative project, not only on an undisputed aesthetic front, but also from a conceptual point of view. Color, as we know, is representative of emotions, activator of sensations, it is matter.

In its broadest declinations it is, therefore, an essential element of daily life.

Dreamlike chromatisms – exploring the figurative exhibition of NickMaltese Studio in the Durini district. The first exhibition concept

The installation of NickMaltese Studio is part of a broader program that starts with the Design Week 2024 and which sees Durini Design District Milan annually involving emerging and consolidated experience architecture and design studios, for an integrated visual communication project.

The Dream up figurative exhibition, created by the NickMaltese Studio architecture firm, is therefore the leader of a project that foresees the population of >strategic places of the district, such as iconic and identifying elements of the place, through numerous widespread installations that will follow one another over the years.

Dream Up, during the 2024 edition, offers visitors the opportunity to live an immersive experience in the universe of dreams and artistic visions, with installations by Nick Maltese and Fede Pagetti by NickMaltese Studio who guide the visitor in an immersive experience, allowing him to temporarily distance himself from the urban confusion of Milan Design Week.

The protagonist of each installation is the universe of dreams and artistic visions: the exhibition is in fact made up of works organically integrated into the surrounding urban environment, giving life to an evocative dialogue between art, architecture and colour.

Durini Design District Milan: a novelty in magazine format

Among the innovations of the district, there is also a new newspaper called A Milanese Design Journey, a digital format that tells the schedule of activities proposed by MDD members between moments of meeting, extraordinary openings and events for sector operators.

And, finally, a new MDD short film curated by Muse Factory of Projects and Francesca Molteni with the direction of Nicolò Amedeo, representative of the associative values of MDD and its positioning as a hub of excellence for design flagship stores in the city centre.

The Durini Design District Milan Program

- Monday 15 April: presentation of product news and technological innovations to the trade press.

- Wednesday 17 April: meeting with Dubai Design District (d3) at the Four Seasons Hotel Milano from 9.30 to 11.30, on the occasion of the strategic partnership agreement signed at the Dubai Design Week in November 2023. The presence is permitted by invitation only.

- Thursday 18 April: the design streets in the city center will come alive with events and extraordinary openings until 10pm; the evening is now an eagerly awaited tradition of the Milan Design Week.

Further information is available by visiting the website and following the updates on social media Instagram @milanodurinidesign and on the social channels of the members, with the reference hashtags #DuriniDesignDistrict #MilanoDuriniDesign.