From Johanna Seelemann's experimental research for Park Associati to the return of Capsule Plaza, the protagonists and events of the Porta Venezia district

After last year's debut, with more than 40 thousand visitors, Porta Venezia Design District returns, or rather, the "other" district, on the occasion of the FuoriSalone 2024, from 15 to 21 April.

The theme of the 2024 edition is EverythinK is design, a play on words that talks about design in the broadest and most inclusive sense of universal language, conception and design applicable in numerous fields.

The theme is inspired by the maxim "Everything is design" by Paul Rand, legend of graphic design. For Rand, design is the method that allows the union between form and content and, just like art, it has multiple and infinite definitions: “Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that's why it is so complicated”.

Over 200 designers protagonists, including: Maxim Velcovsky, Claesson Koivisto Rune and Maria Culenova for Lasvit; Johanna Seelemann for Park Associati; Pieter Maes, Stefano Giacomello, Atelier Pendnapa and Tom Hancocks together with Valeria Giacomozzi for Boon_Editions; Valerio Tidei, Federico Peri, Studiopepe and Cara\ Davide for Tooy. And again: Christophe Delcourt, Dan Yeffet, Luca Erba, Mathieu Delacroix and Yabu Pushelberg in Fondazione Mudima; Alessio Ascari and Paul Cournet for Capsule Plaza; Mara Bragagnolo for Nook; Apartamento Studios and Júlia Esque for Inspired in Barcelona; Kristiina Lassus and Anne Kyyrö Quinn, Gianluca Milesi, Michiko Yamada, Kaiserin Alen Panganiban, Jasmine Parodi from Spazio Milesi.

Many young participants, such as the emerging designers of Raffles Milano who sign the visual identity of the district (with a schedule of exhibitions and activities), the university students presented by Czech Consulate in the Identità exhibition, and the institutions involved by Outpump with Wallcome, a 6 by 3 meter wall where you can display your concepts in the form of posters.

The heart and headquarters of the Porta Venezia Design District is confirmed as MEET (Meet Digital Culture Center, viale Vittorio Veneto 2), the first international center for digital art and culture born in Milan with the support of Fondazione Cariplo, founded and directed by Maria Grazia Mattei.

What to see at the Porta Venezia Design District for the FuoriSalone 2024

Micrographia - Redesign for biodiversity by Johanna Seelemann for Park Associati

Park Hub, via Benvenuto Garofalo 31

The architects of Park Associati invite us to the Park hub in the Porta Venezia Design District to learn about the research of Johanna Seelemann with Micrographia - Redesign for biodiversity, a set ofthree experimental works - the redesign of facade cladding, ancient irrigation systems and bollards in an inclusive and non-anthropocentric key - to give life to an urban environment designed not only for humans, but for numerous living species, including insects and plants. Johanna Seelemann's project, upon invitation and with the production supervision of Park Associati, sees the collaboration of Ricehouse, Arche3d, Primat and the support scientific expert of the Bicocca nursery.

Re/Creation by Lasvit

Palazzo Isimbardi, Corso Monforte 35

With the monumental installation Re/Creation, Lasvit talks about the technique of molten glass, which at extremely high temperatures can relax, expand and take shape on the moulds. At the center of the exhibition, Porta, the installation by Maxim Velcovsky, artistic director of Lasvit which starts from know how > of the brand in the creation of handcrafted glass façades to show the different facets of molten glass. In addition to the installation in the central courtyard, Lasvit presents Nebula, the new collection in technical glass with metallic coating by Claesson Koivisto Rune, the installation bespoke Bois de cristal by Lasvit senior designer Maria Culenova, and the Neverending Glory series by Jan Plechacand Henry Wielgus reread in a limited edition with a golden version of the La Scala suspension, inspired by the opulent chandeliers of the theater of the same name in Milan.

Horses in my dreams di Delcourt Collection

Mudima Foundation, via Tadino 26

Christophe Delcourt, refined yet measured French designer, gives vent to the knight within him with Horses in my dreams, a lucid dream in which he imagines the home of a jockey at Porta Venezia Design District. The result is not an equestrian style, as one might expect, but a dynamic aesthetic based on juxtaposition and intertwining, where the furniture becomes a gesture, a rhythm, a step. A sensual, intimate and singular imagery that arouses curiosity.

Nook by Mara Bragagnolo

Venice Library, via Paolo Frisi 2/4

In a historic Art Nouveau building, home to the ancient Cinema Dumont, Mara Bragagnolo presents Nook, the series of multifunctional furniture to help children express themselves freely in a limitless, stimulating and inclusive Montessori space, not predetermined by adults.

Cozzi swimming pool

viale Tunisia 35

During the Milan Design Week the public bathrooms of the historic Cozzi swimming pool reopen, the first Italian indoor swimming pool - and for some time one of the largest indoor swimming pools in Europe - built by the engineer Luigi Secchi in 1934. Not to be missed are the enchanting original period mosaics.

Inspired in Barcelona: Terra Rossa

Sirtori26, via Giuseppe Sirtori 26

A large pyramid composed of more than 70 cantirs, the traditional Catalan terracotta jugs used to cool liquids, reinterpreted by 15 Catalan designers and artists . It is Inspired in Barcelona: Terra Rossa, a collective exhibition on the use of clay as a primordial and universal element in the creation of the first design artefacts. Curated by Apartamento Studios and Júlia Esqué, it involves among the creatives Marc Morro, Robbie Whitehead, Jaume Ramirez, Apparatu and Clàudia Valsells, who worked in the laboratory of Eloi Bonadona, a ceramic artist recently recognized by the Homo Faber guide. The exhibition is organized by the BcD - Barcelona center de Disseny, and promoted by the Government of Catalonia through ACCIÓ - Catalonia Trade & Investment, with the municipality of Barcelona (Department of Creative Industries (ICUB) and DHub, Disseny Hub Barcelona.

Heavy metal by Spazio Milesi

Spazio Milesi, via Felice Casati 29

Apparently heavy, raw, hard, cold, iron turns out to be sincere, changeable, poetic, soft and malleable. Milled, folded, welded, with the stains and imperfections it carries, it is a material that excites. To tell us about it, Heavy metal by Spazio Milesi, objects in raw sheet metal of different thicknesses, always folded and welded in a rigorously linear manner, imagined as lines of iron.

Capsule Plaza

Spazio Maiocchi, via Achille Maiocchi 7

In a hybrid formula between fair and collective exhibition, Capsule Plaza returns to the second edition with a selection of designers and companies from different creative fields: design, architecture, technology, beauty, craftsmanship and innovation. Capsule Plaza is co-curated by Alessio Ascari, founder and creative director of Capsule, with designer Paul Cournet. Coinciding with the opening, Capsule will present the third issue of the magazine, an annual publication that reinterprets the idea of radical design in a contemporary key.

Gardening Asian art exhibition

Andrea Ingenito contemporary art gallery, via Settala 59

A group exhibition that revolves around design, art, digital technology and Asian culture while incorporating elements of Eastern philosophy. Focus on gardening understood as a contemplative journey that explores the relationship between humanity, nature and objects within a limited space. Curated by HeriArt Association, which promotes the exploration of contemporary Asian culture.

Design is language. Speak for yourself by Rapt Studio

Via Sirtori 32

"Living rooms, hotel lobbies, offices and cafes are all furnished with the same groupings of objects, fresh off the assembly line," says David Galullo, Chief Creative Officer of Rapt Studio. "In the end, this translates into a comfortable design, which has no particular stories to tell”. This is whereDesign is language. Speak for yourselfis triggered, the installation thatinvestigates design as a languageand the built environment as a story to be shared, with objects, even the most anonymous and ordinary, full of personal narratives and witnesses of life.

Natural Disco by Collection Particulière

Mudima Foundation, via Tadino 26

Collection Particulière - the French publishing house founded in 2014 by Jérôme Aumont - celebrates its ten years with Natural Disco, limited edition pieces, sculptural tables and sofas inspired by matter, nature and the night. Collection Particulière works with artisan workshops and international designers such as Christophe Delcourt, Dan Yeffet, Luca Erba, Mathieu Delacroix and Yabu Pushelberg.

Kristiina Lassus and Anne Kyyrö Quinn

Design Gallery, via Soperga 18

In a renovated former lamppost workshop – Design Gallery in via Soperga 18 – the creations of two Finnish designers based in Italy: Kristiina Lassus with carpets hand-tufted in Nepal and India in Tibetan wool, natural linen and silk, and Anne Kyyrö with acoustic panels that look like wall sculptures, hand-sewn with pure wool felt, to order, in Tuscany.


Melzododici, via Melzo 12

Cara/Davide, Federico Peri and Studiopepe. It is the trio of aces of Tooy, a brand chaired by Valeria Giacomozzi and Valerio Tidei.


Melzododici, via Melzo 12

Pieter Maes, Stefano Giacomello, Atelier Pendhapa and Tom Hancocks: these are the names not to be missed from Boon_Edition.

Bikindays by Brompton Bicycle and Ornus

via Melzo 36 corner. via Spallanzani
Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th April 6-8pm

For lovers of pedaling in freedom, Bikingdays, an exploration of new generation materials for the bike universe, such as titanium and carbon for the super-light folding travel bikes from Brompton Bicycle, and the ash wood used by Ornus to create a gravel bike that performs on any terrain and is aesthetically refined.