The interactive work by Lexus at Superstudio Più, the dreamy installation by Ingo Maurer at Base Milano, the Ikea exhibition on the experience of moving and the first times at Tortona Rocks, the Walk of design at Tortona Design Week: the appointments and the must-to-see addresses of Tortona

The double interactive work by Lexus on the theme of time and electric mobility at Superstudio Più, the dreamy and airy site-specific maxi installation by Ingo Maurer at Base Milan, the Ikea exhibition on the experience of moving and first times at Tortona Rocks, the Walk of design by Tortona Design Week: our selection among the countless events that animate the Tortona area , from 15th to 21st April, with various previews starting from the 12th, the opening day of Miart, the modern and contemporary art fair in Milan.

Once under a single umbrella, the Tortona district, the most historic and also the most transformative of the FuoriSalone, created in 2000 by the journalists-editors Flavio Lucchini and Gisella Brioli, over the years has been dismembered until it is now represented by four distinct and independent entities: Superstudio Più with the Superdesign Show, Base Milano, Tortona Rocks and Tortona Design Week.

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Base Milan

Via Bergognone 34

We will design returns to its fourth edition, the experimental platform-laboratory of Base Milano, dedicated this year to conviviality > understood as a collective need for cooperation, mutual care and solidarity.

The former Ansaldo industrial complex is transformed into the Convivial Laboratory which welcomes and promotes projects by designers, scholars and artists from schools, universities, academies and international institutions.

Ten emerging artists for the first time at the FuoriSalone, selected thanks to the open call created with the Dutch national cultural fund Stimuleringsfonds/Creative Industries fund NL: Marco Loi, Augustina Lavickaitė, Sonia Górecka, Studio Laura Stachon, Falsework , Susanna Tommasini, Gijs Schalkx, Eros Risiglione, Anas Chao and Holly Zambonin; and numerous academies present: Central Saint Martins, Royal College of Arts, Academy of Fine Arts and Design | University of Ljubljana, Politechnic University - Timisoara, Technical University - Zvolen, Slovak University of Technology, University - Florence, Tecnológico de Monterrey.

At the centre, Talamo, (visitable since the days of Miart), the performative sculpture by the duo of Italian architects resident in London Lemonot (Sabrina Morreale and Lorenzo Perri) in collaboration with Xavier Madden and Katja Banović: a convivial architecture, an immense and at the same time light bed, a dynamic stage that will host the performers arisandmartha (Aris Papadopoulos and Martha Pasakopoulou) and forms of spontaneous theatricality that will involve the audience.

Not to be missed, starting from April 12th, Flowair, the large and engaging site-specific installation by Ingo Maurer where silhouettes with fluid and organic shapes ten meters high play with the air, they inflate, contract slowly and fluctuate caressed by the wind, until they shine at night thanks to a show of colored lights.

Tortona Rocks

In its ninth edition, Tortona Rocks with the theme Prelude investigates new design attitudes, between ecological responsibility and valorisation of know-how. Not to be missed:

- 1st (Visconti pavilion, via Tortona 58): the Swedish giant returns with 1st (to be read first), an exhibition-event that explores the many "firsts" that people experience when they move into their first home, with a focus on the new generations. Inside the space, designed by the architect Midori Hasuike and the spatial designer Emerzon, we will talk about what happens when you go to live alone for the first time: a universal experience, but at the same time unique for each of us. As always, the Ikea space becomes one of the addresses with the highest level of entertainment, a place of refreshment and relaxation, with a bistro and a rich program of musical events, with talents who will perform with unreleased pieces.

- Aqua (via Tortona 31): the new interior design project by Studiopepe for Archiproducts Milano, a tribute to the vital role of water, with furnishings that integrate shapes and materials inspired by the aquatic universe.

- Hong Chul Wonderland (Opificio 31): a chromatic explosion animates the façade of Officina 3 of Opificio 31 . It is Hong Chul Wonderland, the result of the collaboration between Noroo Group, the Korean color industry, and the Spanish street artist Okuda San strong> Miguel. A multicolor installation that exudes positive energy, through the colors inspired by Ro Hong Chul, a South Korean entertainer and entrepreneur famous as an actor for his optimistic character.

- Crystal Beat II (Opificio 31), a sparkling and dynamic installation to celebrate the heritage of Bohemian crystal in a contemporary key where high craftsmanship and technology come together. Project by Michael Vasku and Andreas Klug, creative directors of Preciosa Lighting.

- AG&P greenscape (via Savona 50) merges nature with AI, creating an installation that mixes the hanging garden with the world of robotics, in a coexistence waiting to be discovered.

- Designer furniture (Opificio 31) is the protagonist of the Tortona Rocks circuit with a selection of companies from Japan to Qatar. Among the selected brands: the Japanese brand Before Vintage Furniture; Fromm, trait d'union between Doha and Milan, with Ottoman Dream Collection by Antonio Aricò; Midj with Paola Navone, Karim Rashid and Giulio Iacchetti; Smania with Giuseppe Viganò; Tonin Casa with Pier Luigi Frighetto.

Tortona Design Week

The district is completed by the Tortona Design Week, this year on the theme Walk of design, a reference to the Hollywood Walk of fame. Among the "stars" of the circuit, the following shine: Nardi, Hundredicafts, Karimoku Forniture, Lechler, nhow Milano, Prevalent - Solgami, AOKE Europe B.V., Ceramica Dolomite, Decor Lab | Ki6 Editori srl, Freehand Forniture CO., LTD, GARDE Italy and ADF, Keyo University, Lexus, Riccardo Nemeth Achitecture, Switzerland Global Enterprise, Toyota, Zip Zone Events, Artaffresco, Giovannozzi Marmi and Mushaboom Design.

«Here design is not limited to being admired: you can feel it, touch it and experience it», explains Mara Traviganti, owner of Torneria Tortona and among the creators of the event. «This year too we will showcase the most exclusive brands, a journey between art and innovation, inspired by new shapes that mix with the latest trends in materials, with audacity and creativity».

Also confirmed is the TDW Hub, a meeting and exchange area that hosts various companies at the Magna Pars hotel, in via Tortona 15.

Cover photo: Base, Marco Loi, Queer-Folks. Ph. Ronald Smits