From new openings to remakes and spaces that host events and presentations of new collections. Here are the addresses to mark on the map

From Davide Groppi's new space - over two hundred square meters on two levels in the central via Manzoni - to the Zanotta flagship store in via Durini inaugurated on the occasion of the brand's seventieth anniversary , the showrooms not to be missed during the FuoriSalone 2024, including new openings, remakes and places that host events and installations.

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FuoriSalone 2024: new openings and restyling

Davide Groppi

via Alessandro Manzoni 38

Over two hundred square meters distributed on two levels in the heart of Milan, designed with the 967arch studio. It is Davide Groppi's new space, described by the designer-inventor thus: “In 1998 I opened my first shop in Milan, in via Medici. I was scared and excited at the same time, but I understood that Milan was important and over time I learned to love it. Today it is one of my places.

The space in via Medici has changed over the years along with the company, but it is there that I have always expressed all my passion for light. Today I feel the need to find another place for my creations. And today, 25 years later, I find myself here, excited, in the center of Milan, in one of its most exclusive areas, via Manzoni.

The thrill of 1998 is the same. And the desire to reveal all our luminous stories, our alphabet, our syntax is the same. Via Manzoni will be a place of meeting, representation, seduction. Thanks to everyone: to my collaborators, to my friends, to all the people who believed in me."


via Durini 25-27

On the occasion of its seventieth anniversary, Zanotta inaugurates the flagship store in via Durini. Over 500 square meters of exhibition space on two levels, characterized by Calvi Brambilla, art director of the brand, with the alternation of rough and smooth and reflective surfaces, playing on a single color , orange, which attracts and surprises the public right from the entrance.

A space that becomes a stage for the previews designed by Philippe Malouin, Muller Van Severen, Zaven and Calvi Brambilla together with some re-editions such as the Gomma armchair designed by De Pas D'Urbino Lomazzi, the Sosia mirror by Ugo La Pietra, the Ara Fenice by Piero Bottoni, the Dealbata vases and the Cuculia bowl by Alessandro Mendini.


via Fatebenefratelli 9

Rubelli presents its Milanese flagship store in via Fatebenefratelli renovated by Formafantasma, creative directors of the Venetian group. A total restyling, which enhances the fabric, plays on the different points of view offered by the large windows on the street, aims at optimizing the spaces which, while maintaining the open space layout, create breaks for various collections.

The furnishings are also designed ad hoc by Formafantasma and combine the rationality of technical steels with the warmth of ash. To connect the different spaces - street level, mezzanine and basement - the moss green carpet interacts with the algae green of the Forget-me-not moiré and with the other greens that cover the walls.

Not to be missed, on the mezzanine, is the wall covered with Punteggiato velvet in the sand variant, designed by Gio Ponti for Rubelli in 1934. Among the new features, Figura, the modular armchair by Martino Gamper, and Parade, Luke Edward Hall's first wallpaper collection for Rubelli.


via Visconti di Modrone 29

Last year it was a construction site which, by wearing special glasses, was transformed into a three-colour landscape inspired by the playful inventiveness of Bruno Munari. This year Porro invites you to discover the showroom in via Visconti di Modrone 29, inaugurated last 6 October, in his official capacity.

A white, pure and linear box, in the architectural project of Piero Lissoni, a conceptual place in which events take place and whose six windows become monitors over the city. A total project to tell the story of the Porro universe and the novelties designed by Piero Lissoni, Christophe Pillet and Nao Tamura, in a path flooded with light and punctuated by floor-to-ceiling volumes and moving partitions.


Foro Buonaparte 14

"A showroom different from the others", says Matteo Nunziati about the restyling of the Florim flagship store. “Like a gigantic architecture studio with tables and workstations where designers can interact with the company and design together in a real creative workshop.

Around the operations station, the exhibition part with large ceramic slabs and a lounge bar area where you can take a break. A space that responds to the needs of us designers, a place where we can work, understand the technical dynamics of product installation and interact with the company".


Corso Europa 22

A transformable stage that cultivates connections and flavors. It is the new Arrital Showcase, in the setting of Piazza San Babila, a space designed by Michele de Lucchi's Amdl Circle studio in a building designed in the 1950s by Vico Magistretti.

More than a showroom, a multifunctional ecosystem to encourage socialization, collaboration and the sharing of ideas.

A convivial place with a high rate of experimentation, a transparent shell that develops on three levels and revolves around the kitchen, the heart of the project, with a suspended vegetable garden in constant transformation, an internal courtyard full of greenery, an area for show cooking, exhibition spaces, offices, meeting rooms, a podium for events and the internal staircase in vibrant Vico red, a color loved by Vico Magistretti.


via Palermo 19

Dornbracht inaugurates Space of discovery, the new hub in the heart of Brera designed by Mike Meiré, designer and brand director of the Meiré und Meiré agency.

In the two-level space, at the entrance the main novelty for 2024: the new sculptural shower inspired by the silhouettes of the chandeliers. The upper area, dedicated to new products, is a space of inspiration with the range of showers presented in a digital multimedia setup to illustrate the design of the flows and jets of water, and with a kitchen, another relevant segment for the brand.

The lower level of the showroom hosts consultancy: from the x-tra service for custom proposals to built-in solutions together with Dornbracht ReCrafted, the refurbished mixer program launched last year.


via Cappuccio 18

Horm leaves the exhibition spaces and moves to the eclectic 5Vie district. The protagonist of the space is Torii by Renato Zamberlan, a showcase with integrated lighting, available in the shapes and sizes of a sideboard with two variations of height and of a vertical sideboard, inspired by Japanese minimalism and the functional essentiality of Scandinavian design.

Showroom not to be missed during the FuoriSalone 2024


Corso Monforte 19

Foscarini Spazio Monforte every year is the place to open your mind, reflect freely, explore different directions and unbeaten roads.

This year the company led by the enlightened Carlo Urbinati invites us to discover Habitus, the experimental and free research of the artist and designer Andrea Anastasio which combines light, art and craftsmanship, haute couture and embroidery, including beads, sequins and laser-cut PET strips.

The project is in collaboration with Arun Jothi and Natalie Frost, creatives from Amal who develop textile and material processes in India and Rome.


Corso Monforte 19/A

Giuliano Andrea dell'Uva signs the new setup for Nemo's Monforte showroom. The space is enriched with masterpieces by Lina Bo Bardi and Álvaro Siza, alongside Sorrento, the portable candelabra-shaped table lamp by Valerio Sommella.

The installation is divided into three environments: two are a tribute to the masters Le Corbusier and Lina Bo Bardi, while the third is the result of the creativity of Studio Giuliano Andrea dell'Uva Architetti.

An evocative journey, where even the materials contribute to the narrative, such as the polychrome wood so dear to Le Corbusier, formica as a versatile and refined chromatic element for Lina Bo Bardi, and the hand-painted tiles, created by Francesco De Maio, which recall the Mediterranean atmosphere loved by Studio dell'Uva.


viale Pasubio 15

In the UniFor showroom, the spotlight is on Andromeda, the new collection of furniture designed by the LSM studio, a versatile proposal that fits well into living spaces work, in places of representation and in domestic spaces. Andromeda takes its name from the evocative Sicilian theater built by Lorenzo Reina nine hundred meters above the sea, a one-of-a-kind autarchic architecture chosen to shoot the collection by Studio Klass, artistic directors of UniFor.

“The purity of this place immediately seemed capable of restoring that fine line between delicacy and severity, the conceptual heart of the collection and of UniFor,” explains Marco Maturo, co-founder of Studio Klass.

“We could only hypothesize how the surfaces of the objects would interact with the surrounding space. The rest was pure exploration, a continuous chase with the light of the place in search of the most appropriate moment. The Andromeda collection immediately merged and integrated with the theatre, capturing the very essence of the space and making it its own. Together with Alberto Strada we tried to bring into photography the feeling of freedom that that place gave us, describing the moment of the shot in the most authentic and genuine way possible".

A story that Studio Klass transfers to the showroom, with the imposing circular platform that reproduces the life-size stage of the theatre, and presents the entire collection to the public by turning it towards the sky. Thanks to the inclination of the platform, the observer is able to see the products from the same point of view experienced inside the Sicilian theatre.


Casa Mutina and Spazio Cernaia, via Cernaia 1A

Among the addresses not to be missed, Casa Mutina and the adjacent garden and loft of Spazio Cernaia where the brand presents the new products designed by Ronan Bouroullec .

Here the French designer, for the first time in the history of Mutina, opens a dialogue between external and internal environments. Among the new features: Osso and Bottone, "made up of modules of rectangular tiles sculpted with perimeter cuts that create large voids, revealing motifs through the joints", as Bouroullec explains; Adagio, a series of ceramic modules designed to be assembled and generate spectacular wall sculptures; and a new series of Editions made up of the Talea, Camino e Camini, Finestra Giorno and Finestra Notte vases, and the Candeliere modular candelabra inspired by a bucolic and natural imagery, produced in limited editions.


Piazza Cavour 3

“I worked for a long time as a textile designer in fashion and fabrics are my first love: it was natural to imagine bringing Aurel's works, so powerful and with a kinetic force, onto fabric,” says Draga Obradovic.

The Draga&Aurel couple is the protagonist of Intertwined Narratives in the wunderkammer of Visionnaire, a game of role exchangesbetween art and design, where the power colors and pictorial gestures illuminate the walls, guiding the path through collectible design objects.

Protagonists of the space: the Aries armchair covered with loom-made fabric which reinterprets Aurel's paintings, the Muse screen where Aurel's painting is composed and decomposed with printed organza which in movement seems to reproduce the gesture of painting, the Lego console re-proposed with a marble top combined with metal, and the Elysium table with contrasting geometries and refined textures.

To complete the installation, the Tessa divider: a cascade of colors that seem to dissolve between intertwining geometries, lights and transparencies.

Faye Toogood x Cc-Tapis and Turkeys

Piazza Santo Stefano 10

For fans of Faye Toogood's unmistakable organic style, don't miss the pop-up club Rude Arts Club >, inspired by the New York art scene of the Sixties, complete with drinks and live music provided by theBene Bene bar.

An intimate space with a vibrant, colorful and at times irreverent atmosphere, which merges two collections by the British creative: Cosmic for Tacchini, a furniture capsule that combines elliptical and irregular shapes with the softness of oversized cushions, made up of an armchair that at first glance seems like a pile of cushions, quilted paper pendant lamps and padded mirrors, and Rude, the family of sensual and sculptural carpets for cc-tapis mounted on the wall like paintings , partly inspired by an exhibition of Francis Bacon.

“I love that you can create an entire interior with one of these rugs. You can drape them over shapes or hang them on the wall,” says the designer. “In Rude there is a bit of the profane and a bit of the profound. Yes, I'm playing, but I'm also making a statement about what it means to inhabit a body. And what it means to me personally: an artist inhabiting a female body that is changing. As time goes by I feel connected to my body in a different way and see beauty and sexuality from a completely different perspective."

“I try to put the maximum of myself and my energy into the objects,” she adds about the collaboration with Tacchini. “My process is tactile and emotional. The shape of the chair was created by pushing my fingers into the clay maquette, squeezing the three layers together. I don't connect with design done remotely. These biomorphic forms were not created on the computer, they were found by hand.”


Corso Venezia 21A

The unmistakable style of Fornasetti meets the savoir-faire of Poltrona Frau. The result is a limited edition of 50 pieces of the Vanity Fair XC armchair embellished with the famous decorations of the Milanese atelier such as clouds, the sun and the moon.

Fornasetti also presents "Cesi n'est pas une salle à manger", a new collection of accessories and furniture for the dining room with motifs inspired by the historical archive.


bar Stoppani, via Antonio Stoppani 15

On the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of Unikko, the famous stylized flower identifying motif of Marimekko, created by Maija Isola in 1964, the Finnish brand celebrates with Bar Unikko, the temporary makeover of the Stoppani bar in collaboration with the Apartamento magazine.

A joyful space with a series of limited edition Unikko collectibles for the anniversary and a program of activities from breakfast to aperitif.

Fornace Brioni

Nerino studio, via Santa Marta 21

Fornace Brioni, the historic Italian company that works terracotta by hand using clay from the sedimentation of the Po floodplain, presents its new collections of coverings and floors designed by Snøhetta and Cristina Celestino.

The installation entitled Grounded, designed by Cristina Celestino, creative director of the brand since 2016, is a small grand tour in the world of terracotta, between solid and absolute geometries and sculptural volumes.


via Durini 16

On the occasion of the FuoriSalone 2024, the Meda-based company presents the new chapter of the The Cassina perspective collection, in the space set up by Patricia Urquiola. Many new features, still top secret, including the Cornaro armchair by Carlo Scarpa.


via Solferino 16

Luca Nichetto imagines Huetopia for Kerakoll, an installation that tells, through the colors and surfaces of the Kerakoll Color Collection, an imaginary place where the materials rest on the volumes, giving shape to an organic and sculptural scenario that embodies the diversity and complexity of the world around us.


JVstudio, via Statuto 21
JVstore, Corso Garibaldi 81

A place for those who love decoration and are looking for special and tailor-made solutions. It is the space - or rather the double address - of Jannelli&Volpi in via Statuto 21 and in corso Garibaldi 81 where the maison presents the new Wonderful Walls wallpapers.

The protagonists are the Co.De collection, and the new products JV505 Grande Corniche, JV Fabrics Grande Corniche, Scalamandré by Jannelli&Volpi and Wallcoverings Marimekko 07. Furthermore, Jannelli&Volpi decorates the shop windows, the interiors and the dehors of the historic Cova pastry shop in via Montenapoleone 8.


via Solferino 7

In the showroom, and at the Salone del Mobile (hall 24 stand H6), Alpi looks at maple wood, versatile and with a light and uniform shade, with Xilo ice, available in striped, flamed and frisé grain .

Among the new features, the North Light collection by Piero Lissoni which is inspired by the Scandinavian worlds of light, tundra and northern lights, in certified poplar which interprets the three essences of maple, silver fir and Scots pine, in striped and flamed grain, with maple also available in frisé grain.

While GamFratesi designed two collections of wood, working on textures and color to give depth and three-dimensionality to the surfaces, keeping the legibility of the wood alive. In the showroom, the totems designed by Piero Lissoni, GamFratesi and Konstantin Grcic - who adds a new color variant to Alpi Raggiosole and Alpi Arcobaleno - show the three-dimensionality and application possibilities of their woods.