From Emiliano Ponzi's hyper-coloured tunnel to Toiletpaper's surprising new apartment, the most surprising and high-definition addresses not to be missed at Design Week 2024 selected for you

From the hyper-coloured tunnel by Emiliano Ponzi, which culminates in a garden of wonders, to the gigantic lattice-hammock of Numen/For Use for Porsche, passing for the installations of the rich program of INTERNI Cross Vision events.

Smartphone in hand, here are the most Instagrammable installations of the FuoriSalone 2024, surprising and sometimes surprising events and places, to photograph and share with your community of design lovers.

The most instagrammable installations of the FuoriSalone 2024, chosen for you

Flower up by Emiliano Ponzi for glo for art

Gattinoni Hub, via Statuto 2

If you are wandering around the historic streets of the Brera Design District, the maxi site-specific installation Flower up by Emiliano Ponzi for glo for art is worth a pit stop. A vibrant tunnel of shapes and colors that envelops the public and leads them into a garden of wonders where a surprising tree-sculpture will allow them to experience experiences that are currently still top secret.

Lines of flight by Porsche

Palazzo Clerici, via Clerici 5

This year too Porsche promises to amaze us with Lines of flight by Numen/For Use, a suspended lattice, monumental and at the same time ethereal and permeable, made of a light metal mesh. A maxi installation to experience and explore, like a "social hammock" where visitors can climb, a place of escape, transition, imagination and freedom. THE

The project on the theme of pattern and repetition is part of the The art of dreams series, Porsche's initiative, now in its fifth edition, to connect the general public with more fruitful creative communities.

Designblok Cosmos

Superdesign Show, Superstudio Più, via Tortona 27

A metal "space" capsule, mounted on a six-wheeled vehicle, has touched down in the Tortona area. It is Designblok Cosmos, the traveling audiovisual exhibition and mobile gallery that reflects on the infinity of the cosmos and condenses the quintessence of the Designblok festival in Prague.

Inside there are ten glass works created by as many contemporary Czech designers representing different generations and different personal approaches to glass.

The designers, chosen by Jana Zielinski, director of Designblok, and creative director Jiří Macek, are: Jakub Berdych Karpelis, Dechem studio, Lucie Koldová, Václav Mlynář, Lukáš Novák, Jiří Pelcl, Rony Plesl, Tadeáš Podracký, Maxim Velčovský and Jan Plecháč who also took care of the installation. A nomadic exhibition space of 65 square meters that will travel the world, with interiors covered with 170 lead-free Mirox 4Green+ mirrors, produced with an ecological water-based process at the AGC Glass Europe glassworks, and with the exterior covered in reflective silver foils .


University of Milan, via Festa del Perdono 7

An inflatable structure of 9 meters in diameter envelops the tree in the courtyard of the University of Milan. It is Planetarium by Labo.Art with Plastique Fantastique, part of the rich schedule of INTERNI Cross Vision events from 15th to April 28th in six different locations.

From inside the maxi sphere, made of waterproof fabric, you can observe the celestial vault mixed with branches and leaves. An experience made even more exciting thanks to Gianni Rodari's nursery rhymes narrated by Pablo Trincia which bring back childhood memories and the joy of enchantment.

Time by Lexus

Superdesign Show 2024 by Superstudio Più, via Tortona 27

Lexus, for the 15th consecutive year at the FuoriSalone, promises to amaze us with Time, two futuristic and interactive works on the theme of time and the future of electric mobility, inspired by the Lexus Future Zero-emission Catalyst concept car. The works are: Beyond the horizon by Hideki Yoshimoto/Tangent, accompanied by the music of Keiichiro Shibuya, and8 minutes and 20 seconds by Dutch solar designer Marjan van Aubel.

For car design enthusiasts, the LBX, the compact SUV acronym for Lexus Breakthrough Crossover, will be on display, with the main controls and sources of information positioned immediately around the driver.

A trip to the Porta Venezia area to admire, and obviously post on social media, Re/Creation, the monumental installation by Lasvit. The protagonist of the story is molten glass, which at extremely high temperatures can relax, expand and take shape on the moulds, shaping itself thanks to weight and the force of gravity.

At the center, Porta, the installation by Maxim Velcovsky, artistic director of Lasvit who starts from the brand's know-how in the creation of glass facades artisanal to show the different facets of molten glass, made in the Lasvit glass furnace which is the largest in Europe.

In addition to the installation in the central courtyard, Lasvit presents Nebula, the new collection in technical glass with metallic coating by Claesson Koivisto Rune, the installation bespoke Bois de cristal by Lasvit senior designer Maria Culenova, and theNeverending Glory series by Jan Ple >chac and Henry Wielgus reread in a limited edition with a golden version of the La Scala suspension, inspired by the opulent chandeliers of the theater of the same name in Milan.

Toiletpaper Apartment

via Balzaretti 8

In via Balzaretti, in the heart of Città Studi, transformed in 2022 into a real urban installation and artistic destination by Toiletpaper, Toiletpaper Apartment is born , the new space of the magazine founded by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari.

On display ToiletAlexPaperPrager, the photographic project in collaboration with Alex Prager, American artist, director and screenwriter. In the new space, which opens on April 12th in conjunction with the Milan Art Week, a real apartment on the first floor of Via Balzaretti 8 with the pink façadeHoles of Paradise,an unexpected domestic installation in whose restlessness and apparent lightness merge, surprising but at the same time reassuring the visitor in a certain sense.

The walls of the living area, overlooked by a convivial open kitchen, show the shots featured in the book ToiletAlexPaperPrager published by the Damiani publishing house (available for pre-sale from 8 April) with twelve images signed by the artist and twelve created by Toiletpaper.

"I was very happy when Maurizio and Pierpaolo invited me to collaborate with them, since I have always been a fan of Toiletpaper", says Alex Prager. "I always thought that there was a dialogue between our works and that our researches played with some common ideas, such as humor, artifice, the absurdity of life! Now seeing our images next to each other offers another interpretation: a Toilet Alex Paper Prager world in which nothing is like that Certain".

Still in via Balzaretti, but at number 4, from 16 to 21 April it will be possible to enter the Toiletpaper studio, home of the magazine since 2021, to discover new objects to collect, the result of the magazine's prolific research, together with the installation by the artists Giampiero Romanò and Andrea Ghisalberti.

Seletti Vitamin

Seletti flagship store, Corso Garibaldi 117

A tomato supports a carrot, which in turn supports a lemon. An orange becomes the base of a banana that raises an aubergine. Compositions of peppers, peaches, cucumbers, pumpkins, aubergines, watermelons, pears, pineapples and lemons. For those who love the unconventional and figurative style of Seletti, don't miss Vitamin, the new colorful collection of lamps by Marcantonio, made up of lamps jour, candlesticks, chandeliers and candle holders in the shape of fresh vegetables and fruits.

“We thought of lively objects with which to bring into everyday life the same vibrant atmospheres full of vitality that animate the characteristic fruit and vegetable markets,” says Stefano Seletti, artistic director of Seletti. “Marcantonio always represents our figurative approach to design in a new way, which aims to explore imagination and fantasy through products”.

“From an early age we were taught that we don't play with food, but what if playing was a way to celebrate the importance and beauty of these foods that give us energy and nourishment every day?”, adds Marcantonio. “For this new project with Seletti I wanted to create functional sculptures of aubergines, carrots, lemons, pumpkins, peaches in an unlikely and magical balance”.

Sub: sustainable underwater balance by Sanlorenzo

State University of Milan, eighteenth-century courtyard

“This year, together with Sanlorenzo, we brought a slice of the sea to the Statale”. This is how Piero Lissoni, art director of Sanlorenzo since 2018, talks about the digital installation Sub: sustainable underwater balance, symbol of the naval maison's commitment for marine sustainability, from 16 to 28 April at the State University in the framework of the exhibition-event INTERNI Cross Vision.

An underwater universe where sunlight dances through the water, creating a magical play of light and shadow, and where you can admire moving sea creatures.

In the centre, the BGH-HSV (Hydrogen Support Vessel) by Bluegame, a Sanlorenzo brand, a 10-metre multihull vessel that reaches a speed of 50 knots and autonomy of 180 miles, with foil and powered exclusively by hydrogen.

“It's as if we had sliced up and placed a block of ocean in the eighteenth-century courtyard with everything that's inside: sea creatures, waves, swimmers,” continues Lissoni. “In the middle of this virtual sea you can see the shape of the new Bluegame boat. People will be able to walk inside the parallelepiped with walls made of virtual water and they won't even get wet."

Mooring by the moon by Azimut

Mysterious Baths of the Franco Parenti theatre, via Carlo Botta 18

A yacht moored and illuminated by the glow of the Moon, in the historic Bagni Misteriosi adjacent to the Parenti theatre. It is Mooring by the moon, the experience of Michele de Lucchi with his studio Amdl Circle for Azimut.

A journey divided into four acts - a tribute to the theatrical vocation of the place - with three acts that unfold in the rooms of the Bagni Misteriosi and the last that leads on board the Seadeck 6, the new yacht designed by Alberto Mancini with interiors by Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez, a low-emission boat made with sustainable, recyclable and recycled materials, such as cork instead of teak in the external flooring.

Almost the entire installation is made up of reused materials or those that can be reused again: the large moon made of galvanized iron slats, as well as Michele De Lucchi's sculptures, will be reused by the construction site or its dealers on the occasion of events dedicated to the Seadeck yacht series.

Crystal Beat 2 - Music to your eyes by Preciosa Lighting

Tortona Quattrocento c/o Opificio 31

A luminous waterfall, a spectacular combination of light and music inspired by the hypnotic universes of the first video games and the dawn of digital aesthetics. It's Crystal beat 2 - Music to your eyes by Preciosa Lighting.

An eighties soundscape, with 400 cubic Crystal Pixels pendants by Preciosa that respond to the rhythm of the music with RGBW LED light shades. A moment of escape with a hint of nostalgia for the gaming of the past.

Chiquita house - Pop by nature

c/o Cambi Casa d'Aste, via San Marco 22

Smartphone in hand: the Brazilian Romero Britto, exponent of NeoPop and founder of the Happy Art Movement, has landed in Milan >. With Pop by nature, the artist colors the Chiquita House, in Brera, a dynamic space that will involve the public in a highly entertaining experience.

Hong Chul Wonderland by Noroo Group

Opificio 31, via Tortona 31

If you are looking for high definition scenery, the address is the Tortona area. Here the Spanish street artist Okuda San Miguel colors the façade of Officina 3 of Opificio 31 with the multicolor installation Hong Chul Wonderland. The project, in collaboration with Noroo Group, a Korean color industry, is inspired by Ro Hong Chul, histrionic and optimistic South Korean entertainer and entrepreneur.