From the villas in Varedo di Alcova to Palazzo Visconti occupied by Flos up to Palazzo Orsini headquarters of Giorgio Armani, 20 prestigious homes to see during the design week

The FuoriSalone is also an opportunity to discover unusual places not generally open to the public, noble homes, prestigious palaces, princely residences, house-museums, castles, English gardens , churches and historic art galleries.

If you are on the hunt for hidden treasures, here are the addresses to mark on the map for design week 2024.

Alcove at villa Borsani and villa Bagatti Valsecchi

Villa Borsani, Varedo, via Umberto I 148
Villa Bagatti Valsecchi, Varedo, via Vittorio Emanuele II

Great anticipation for the seventh edition of Alcova (read here what it will be and what to see). This year the "exhibition of exhibitions" of independent experimental design moves to Varedo, (25 minutes by train from Milan, lines S2 and S4), and takes us to the discovery of two homes of extraordinary beauty : villa Borsani and villa Bagatti Valsecchi.

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The first is a rare, well-preserved example of modernist residential architecture, designed in 1943 by Osvaldo Borsani as a family home adjacent to the ABV factory (Arredamenti Borsani Varedo) and Tecno. Today Villa Borsani is the private home of the descendants of the Borsani family, opens during FAI guided tours and is home to the Osvaldo Borsani Archive.

The second location, Villa Bagatti Valsecchi, managed by the La Versiera 1718 Foundation and currently closed to the public, it is one of the most significant examples of nineteenth-century villa architecture in Lombardy, where the noble Milanese Bagatti Valsecchi family used to spend the summer far from the heat of the city, hosting friends in the surrounding monumental park.

Armani/House in Palazzo Orsini

via Borgonuovo 11

After last year's success, the prestigious Palazzo Orsini, home of the Giorgio Armani company since 1996, opens again to the public. The Milanese noble residence, built in the 17th century for the Orsini marquises family, will be the stage for the Echi dal mondo collection by Armani/Casa.

The austere and rigorous façade of the palace hides opulent interiors and unexpected masterpieces, such as the courtyard with stucco and Tuscan-style columns, the boudoir on the first floor with antique mirrors and a mosaic floor, the ceiling with gilded stucco details and a central fresco depicting triumphant love, a work by Andrea Appiani from 1787.

Also on the first floor, the large ballroom where the displays for the high fashion collections are created, embellished with golden stucco details such as geometric, floral and allegorical motifs. The precious heart of the palace is the secret Italian garden, an oasis of peace in the center of Milan.

Masterly at Palazzo Giureconsulti

Merchants' Square 2

One of the most elegant places in the center of Milan, overlooking Piazza dei Mercanti and a few steps from the Duomo. It is the Palazzo Giureconsulti, known as the palace with the tower for its clock tower, commissioned by Giovanni Angelo Medici strong>, ascended to the papal throne with the name of Pius IV, designed by Vincenzo Seregni, the architect of the Cathedral, and inaugurated in 1654.

In this magnificent setting arrives the charge of over one hundred Dutch creatives of the eighth edition of Masterly, selected by the curator and creator of the event Nicole Uniquole .

5Streets to Palazzo Litta

Corso Magenta 24

New this year from 5Vie: the new venue in palazzo Litta, which joins the other locations in the district. The palace is one of the most well-preserved examples of Lombard baroque architecture, ministerial seat of most of the peripheral institutes of Lombardy, open to the public on the occasion of the Milan design week and other events during the year such as exhibitions, conferences, presentations.

Many events and designers to discover at Palazzo Litta, (we talked about it here), to which we add Alessandra Pasqua with her Wanderart, the art and collectible design atelier, with the Bride of Quietness sculpture and the Lunar collection, and, in the main courtyard, Straordinaria , the installation by Elica with the Ermanno Casoli Foundation, conceived by the Japanese studio we+ and curated by Marcello Smarrelli, artistic director of the Foundation: a work that it is inspired by the lightness of clouds, a continuous flow in the alternation of air and heat, natural elements of identity for Elica.

Artemest's apartment in the Vignale residence

via Enrico Toti 2

After last year's success, The Artemest apartment returns, a celebration of the beauty and uniqueness of Italian craftsmanship and design within the Vignale residence, a princely house built between 1905 and 1907 for an Austrian prince wishing to reside in Milan because he was in love with a young Milanese girl.

The original project of the residence, signed by the architect Gattermayer, is also the result of the collaboration with the Austrian Adolf Loos. This year the studios involved by Artemest, to design a room with the products that can be purchased on the online platform, are: Elicyon, Gachot, Rottet Studio, Studio Meshary AlNassar, Tamara Feldman Design and Vshd Design.

Flos at Palazzo Visconti (cover photo by Nicolò Panzeri)

via Cino del Duca 8

The main floor of the eighteenth-century Palazzo Visconti hosts the Flos novelties designed by Formafantasma, Barber&Osgerby and Michael Anastassiades, in dialogue with the historic place in an unmissable setup. A play of mirrors allows design to dialogue with architecture in a continuous, cultured and never rude reference, supported by a storytelling conceived starting from a photo by Maria Mulas from 1988. In that year, a Flos creatively led by Achille Castiglioni began its long history of collaborations with international designers, starting with the then very young Philippe Starck. The installation - also through a video featuring Formafantasma, Barber&Osgerby and Michael Anastassiades - aims to be a re-enactment of the atmosphere of happy lightness and trust of the project that emerges from that shot.

Michael Anastassiades is also the protagonist of the Flos showcase in Corso Monforte 9, dedicated to 10 years of the IC Lights family and its special celebratory edition.

Flos' journey then proceeds to the Professional Space with an installation dedicated to the Office world.

Prada Frames in the Bagatti Valsecchi museum

via Gesù 5

At the end of the nineteenth century, the brothers and barons Fausto and Giuseppe Bagatti Valsecchi renovated the family home located in the heart of Milan and transformed it into a house-museum, a residence inspired by sixteenth-century Lombard residences, populated by fifteenth-sixteenth century paintings and applied art artefacts. An opportunity to discover the Bagatti Valsecchi house-museum is Prada Frames, from 14 to 16 April, the multidisciplinary symposium curated by Formafantasma at the invitation of Prada to investigate the complex relationship between natural environment and design. An event open to all, upon registration on from April 9th until seats last.

Lasvit at Palazzo Isimbardi

Corso Monforte 35

The 6 by 8 metertrompe l'oeil canvas by Tiepolo, the eighteenth-century stuccoes, the 18th-century Murano polychrome glass chandeliers, the ceiling with neoclassical decorations, the English garden. It is Palazzo Isimbardi, in Corso Monforte, whose oldest part dates back to the 16th century, the main headquarters of the metropolitan city of Milan. Here Lasvit stages Re/Creation, an evocative and monumental installation on molten glass and the masterpieces of the Czech maison.

Poltrona Frau in the Gallarati Scotti palace

via Manzoni 30

The frescoed rooms from the early eighteenth century act as a majestic backdrop to the Poltrona Frau flagship store, inside one of the most extraordinary buildings in the heart of Milan: Palazzo GallaratiScotti. This year the historic company from Tolentino and Ceccotti Collezioni, a Tuscan company that has been part of the Poltrona Frau group since 2018, invite you to touch the new Imagine Collection.

Alessi at Palazzo Borromeo d'Adda

via Alessandro Manzoni 41

Myth and reality overlap inMyth makes belief, the installation created by the creative studio PlayLab, Inc. of Los Angeles for Alessi, in the eighteenth-century Borromeo d'Adda palace.

There are three key elements of the narrative: the lake, expression of the cultural and imaginative roots of Alessi, a company born on the shores of Lake Orta, the mascot, which gives life to a character representing the brand, and the masks, which allow visitors to become an integral part of the story. On display are three new projects by Michael Anastassiades, Naoto Fukasawa with Samiro Yunoki and Nendo.

LaCividina at Palazzo Borromeo d'Adda

via Alessandro Manzoni 41

Also at Palazzo Borromeo d'Adda, Human made by laCividina, objects, products and creations created by human intervention, not by machines or nature, to celebrate the importance of work and human creativity. Installation by Studio Salaris.

Atelier Biagetti at Palazzo Cusani

via Brera 13/15

In the Brera area, in the seventeenth-century setting of Palazzo Cusani, Mcm Wearable Casa Collection by Atelier Biagetti, curated by Maria Cristina Didero. The house becomes a reflection of its owner, to the point that it can be worn.

A playful setup in which seven objects transcend their traditional roles and become transformable, modular, portable or wearable.

“Thanks to design associations and ironic and original visual short circuits, the concept of bringing a piece of home with you not only reflects the essence of travel but also embodies the lifestyle of a digital nomad,” says Maria Cristina Didero.

Stark at the Sforzesco castle

Piazza Castello

In the hall of the pillars of the Sforzesco castle, Transitions by Stark, a journey into matter in transition. A perceptive path, designed with Alice and Alex Buroni and Gloria Lisi, which shows sinuous and unexpected shapes, networks, morphologies and structures of matter in transformation in the presence of water.

Gaetano Pesce in the Ambrosiana art gallery

Piazza Pio XI

Maestro Gaetano Pesce recently left us, (article here). Visiting the monographic Nice to see you, a collection of around thirty works, mostly unpublished, chosen by himself for the 2024 design week, will have another exciting meaning.

The exhibition is in a symbolic place like the Ambrosiana art gallery, established in April 1618, when Cardinal Federico Borromeo donated his collection of paintings, statues and drawings to the library Ambrosiana, founded by himself in 1607.

Layered landscape in Siam

via Santa Marta 18

In the 5Vie district, the monumental nineteenth-century palace of Siam, home of the arts and crafts encouragement society since 1838, is the setting for Layered landscape by the photographer Giovanni Hänninen, a reflection on the transformations of the territory and on the space that each of us carves out for ourselves between infrastructures, architecture and nature.

The Siam palace, designed by the architect Francesco Pestagalli, formally refers to the neo-Bramante style, with a structure designed according to specific educational activities: numerous and spacious classrooms, laboratories and offices.

Cozzi swimming pool

viale Tunisia 35

In the Porta Venezia area, the Milan Design Week is an opportunity to discover the public baths of the historic Cozzi swimming pool, the first indoor Italian swimming pool - and for some time one of the largest indoor swimming pools in Europa - built by the engineer Luigi Secchi in 1934. Not to be missed are the enchanting original period mosaics.

Nook by Mara Bragagnolo in the Venice library

via Paolo Frisi 2/4

In the Venezia library, a historic building with an Art Nouveau façade which was home to the Dumont cinema at the beginning of the twentieth century, Nook by Mara Bragagnolo is on display, the series of multifunctional furniture to help children express themselves freely in a limitless, stimulating and inclusive Montessori space, not predetermined by adults.

Olivetti at Palazzo Arese Borromeo

Cesano Maderno, via Borromeo 41

From 13 April to 2 June, the historic noble palace Arese Borromeo in Cesano Maderno, with its over 90 thousand square meters of garden, is the location of “Olivetti. Stories from a collection", the exhibition with a display by M•IA Studio by Cristina Barbiani and Elisabetta Facchinetti, which makes us relive the legendary Olivetti years through projects, drawings, brochures , posters, company books, instruction booklets and catalogues.

On display are rarities such as the cover by Bruno Munari for the book "25 years of Olivetti" from 1933, the first Italian example of cutting-edge corporate graphics, and the brochure "History of writing" where the poet Leonardo Sinisgalli comments: “A typed page is a page written by a mythological hand that has 45 fingers.”

Palace of Wonders at Manzoni's home

via Gerolamo Morone 1

The ground floor of the house-museum of Alessandro Manzoni houses, on the occasion of the design week, Palazzo delle marvel, the wunderkammer curated by the designer Katrin Herdenwith the architect Alessandro Zarinelli of Studio MHZ.

The initiative, in its fifth edition, brings together a collective of five brands: Softhouse, Mamagreen, Pinton, Hommés Studio, Tapis Studio, Sohil.

Mobilier National in the church of San Bernardino alle monache

via Lanzone 13

The fifteenth-century red brick church of San Bernardino alle monache is the backdrop to “Paris-Milan: the mobile mobile” that Mobilier national offers in the heart of the 5VIE district, in collaboration with theCité de la Céramique Sèvres & Limoge.

The installation, curated by Madeleine Oltra and Angelo de Taisne, recreates the historic Paris-Milan route and the allure of long-distance trains, and takes us back to the decades when people also traveled carrying furnishings and decorations with them, transporting them in furniture -suitcases on wheels.