Seven out-of-the-box events whose public success, at the recently concluded Design Week, owes much to the positive chatter among professionals

In the FuoriSalone of eight-figure budgets, there are still two very effective tools to get the public on your side. One is quality, the other word of mouth.

Lorenzo Damiani's experiments with marble at the Fabbrica del Vapore

This year too, well-made exhibitions with interesting contents started quietly and grew in numbers later on, as the enthusiasm of the first visitors oriented the flow beyond the most advertised and popular itineraries.

This is how it went, for example, for About marble, the exhibition by Lorenzo Damiani which at Fabbrica del Vapore has collected a series of projects on marble - its material of choice, stressed and bent beyond imaginable limits - in a journey of crystalline beauty and ascetic: a designer, an itinerary in four parts marked on the floor by packing tape and all the ingenuity of one of our best and most shy designers.

An exhibition well narrated: by Damiani himself, very generous in accompanying the public, and by an essential apparatus made up of two small monitors and drawings and captions hanging on the walls, proving that an exhibition and its communication is not necessarily a question of budget, but of project.

The designer's jacket at Lorenzelli Arte in Corso Buenos Aires

On Thursday evening, Lorenzelli Arte in Corso Buenos Aires counted one thousand two hundred entries for The designer's jacket, the choral research orchestrated by Lorenzo Palmeri and Mario Scariato, who had eleven designers (including themselves) try their hand at a technological and sustainable material, Tencel produced by Lenzing, coming from recycling of a geotextile fabric designed for the protection of glaciers in summer.

Why the jacket, and why the designer jacket? "To convey a 'designer's thought'", explains Palmeri, "which intercepts behaviours, tics, habits and which proposes a response of use and, why not, of style.

A jacket for the special times we are experiencing, full of behavioral changes, in relationships, in work, in study, in the way we move, in managing public and private spaces. A jacket designed for oneself but with a thought also aimed at the world and the market".

The new Korean craft by Rossana Orlandi

The karst relay of word of mouth generally rewards essentiality and Davids, diverting the public away from the Goliaths. Thus, over the days the flow of visitors to Thoughts on Thickness, the exhibition of the highly refined and advanced Korean craftsmanship hosted at the Rossana Orlandi Gallery has grown, where the poetics of the perch of Secondome and Studio F also shone - a collection of research pieces entrusted to Duccio Maria Gambi, Simone Fanciullacci, Serena Confalonieri, Matteo Cibic and Studio Pepe - and the experiments by Margherita Rui who, dealing with semi-refractory bodies and stoneware, brought an evocative mosaic of colors to define a sort of universal material library.

The BertO Loft in the Darsena area, rock design outside the comfort zone

Talking about BertO means leaving the comfort zone of classic made in Italy design. The Meda company led by Filippo Berto moves away from the clichés of furniture and its consolidated narratives.

The dialogue approach with the public, the ability to create a community while the big brands work perched inside ivory towers. So it was normal for a brand that christens its new collection - which is also beautiful and eco-sustainable - Iggy, in the name of Iggy Pop, to plant the curtains in a three-storey loft in via Morimondo.

The house of bassist Silvia Ottanà and music producer Cristian Milan, furnished by BertO, has become a rock location, filled with the vibrations of DJ sets and live music.

Social and ecological research at the Taiwan Pavillion in via Maroncelli

The East, especially if very far away, always has its charm. Thus, at a certain point, attention began to grow for the Taiwan Pavillion in via Maroncelli, a hundred meters from Herzog and De Meuron's Feltrinelli Foundation.

The country under Chinese influence chose the FuoriSalone to show its design to the world and was rewarded by the public, who appreciated the social and environmental research value of the objects on display, many of which experimental or from the collectible universe, signed by junior and senior designers and explained very well by an array of clear and well-written panels.

The Panter&Tourron living room for Gianmaria Sforza in via Monza

It wouldn't be a Design Week without those breaks that help you take a breath in beautiful and refined spaces, possibly sitting. In via Monza, the artist Gianmaria Sforza invited the designers Panter&Tourron and the video artist and director Davide Rapp to set up the Studio painting with the site-specific installation Diurno.

A secret speakeasy-style lounge, where word of mouth brought those who wanted to sit in a setting suspended between past and future, with a collection of original furniture designed for the occasion.

At Linate, among the independent designers of Baranzate Ateliers

The FuoriSalone is known for being the largest call for out-of-town trips that exists in Italy. If the queues at Alcova in Varedo, 25 minutes by train from Cadorna station, were a given, it was less certain that the public would reward, as instead happened, the sophisticated and alcoholic caravan of Baranzate Ateliers, which near Linate brought together the collectible scene of Europe in an informal atmosphere halfway between an indie concert and a provincial beer festival.

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