The European galleries and fairs that arrive in Milan to conquer the research market. And Italian designers like them

This year there is a very strong presence at the FuoriSalone: that of collectible design. The world that combines new craftsmanship, research into materials and sophisticated aesthetics, sounds the charge to a generation of thirty-forty year olds who arrive in Milan from different countries with a precise objective: to sell, and not only to expose.

Let's take Théma, the Parisian platform specializing in research design with an "engaged, inclusive and sustainable" approach, in the words of its founder, Michael Hadida.

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It will be possible to purchase directly, in the location of Baranzate Atelier where this company has chosen to pitch tents?

"Obviously yes!", responds Hadida: "The idea is to showcase artists and designers, but not (only) for aesthetic reasons. Each independent design piece will have a QR code which will allow the visitor to obtain more information about the piece, the designer, the manufacturing process and the possibility of purchasing it directly or pre-ordering it".

Théma, which was joined by some Italian studios and ateliers involved in the world of collectibles and functional art, such as Millim and Wanderart, arrives at the FuoriSalone in the highly distinctive district of Baranzate Ateliers, to form a enormous hub of research design together with the Belgians of Zaventem Ateliers and other similar entities from all over Europe.

"Everyone wants to be in Milan right now - says Hadida - but the city doesn't need another show. This is where Baranzate Ateliers comes in. The organizers' way of thinking about a collective event >, in terms of a community of artists and artisans, is based on our own values.

We formed an excellent relationship with Lionel Jadot, the founder of Zaventem Ateliers who involved us in Baranzate. During our first edition in Paris, his reality made up of around thirty laboratories exhibited here, occupying the entire second floor. And it went very well.

So we decided to join them, this time, at Design Week. In this case we thought not only of joining forces, but of bringing to Milan something different from normal sector fairs.

We look first and foremost for authenticity in the creative approach and behind each piece, a story to tell, a know-how to pass on as a heritage, a philosophy to share. I often hear that collectibles are the new art. Perhaps because after the pandemic we have reached a point where most people are looking for a profound meaning in everything. We have rediscovered our 'inner world' at home, but not only that. For this reason,the design of the unique piece has become the new fashion: and also because not everyone can afford a work of art in own living room".

"We know Hadida's thoughts" explain Chiara Pellicano and Edoardo Giammarioli of Millim Studio, a solid international collectible reality "and we share its commitment to promoting a design that redefines the codes of luxury and creativity in line with a social and eco-sustainable ethic : these are the same value choices that we want to bring to our research and design.

For this reason, the decision to collaborate with Théma was natural. We are interested in creating beauty, as long as it always brings value and content with it."

Also Alessandra Pasqua, founder of the atelier Wanderart, comes from Théma with its proposal that combines art and design. A natural landing place, the French reality, for a laboratory that measures itself with ancient processing techniques of materials alongside contemporary methods, always with a sustainable approach which, even in the most innovative creations, works to restore artefacts with the lowest possible impact on the environment, in a sort of ethicalluxury, a phrase that tries more than ever in this period to no longer be an oxymoron.