The installations not to be missed at Milan Design Week 2024: a two-step guide for the weekend. Have fun and reflect

Milan and the FuoriSalone in two days, for those who only have the weekend to visit the city and understand why it is the world capital of design. Installations are everywhere, even outside the city.

How to choose? It just depends on your tastes and a good itinerary.

We start with a fun day in which to savor the cool and scenographic side of the large FuoriSalone installations. And we continue with a path of in-depth, so as not to forget about the project.


Day 1: out and about with friends

Cross Vision

via Festa del Perdono,1 (and other points in the city)

The starting point is the State University of Milan and Cross Vision, the Interni event. Everything deserves a look, everything deserves to be photographed and posted on the fly. You can't go wrong.

Sooner or later you will end up meeting The Amazing Walk, by MAD Architects for Amazon(read what it's about here).

A body of water, the steam that mysteriously surrounds a symbolic enchanted mountain. Everything to tell the story of the journey in search of the object of desire inside the most famous shopping platform in the world.

Flos at Palazzo Visconti

via Cino del Duca 8

Before heading to Brera where you can find something to suit your needs at every corner, stop at Palazzo Visconti, via Cino del Duca 8, the palace historical where Flos presents the novelties of FormaFantasma, Barber&Osgerby and Michael Anastassiades in a paradoxical eighteenth-century setting. To discover that design is not a question of style but much more.

The pattern of dreams

via Clerici, 5

In Brera you can wander aimlessly and follow your instinct. But don't ignore Palazzo Clerici and Porsche invia Clerici 5. Lines of flight is the installation by Numen/For Use, a social hammock to explore by climbing on it, interacting with other visitors and putting your mind and body to the test.

Flower Up

via Satuto, 2

Not far away at the Gattinoni Hub is the Flower Up installation by Emiliano Ponzi for glo for art. A floral tunnel in pop colours, an installation that involves visitors on multiple levels and uses different dimensions to demonstrate that illustration can also be a 3D project. The target? According to Ponzi it is to give a democratic artistic experience to everyone.

Matter in motion
Grand Seiko

via Formentini, 10

To visit the FuoriSalone in Brera it takes at least a couple of hours. But you can also spend the whole afternoon there, because you will find yourself spoiled for choice. in via Formentini 10, be on the safe side: there is an unexpected forest bath inside Casa Brera, followed by an LED wall installation. The question proposed by Matter in motion concerns the paroxysm of nature/technology and the need to find a balance between the two.


Hall of the Pillars of the Sforzesco Castle

You cannot leave the neighborhood without making a pleasant detour, through Sempione Park, to see Stark's installation that arrives in Milan with intelligent work suitable for the general public.

Transitions has all the ingredients to adhere to the adjective "immersive": multisensory, interactive, it shows the visual relationship between matter and water accompanied by the soundscape by Paolo Bragaglia.

Cue 3.0

via Gaetano de Castilla, 26

The new shop by The Nieuwe Instituut
Between Us, by Giulio Iacchetti and Matteo Ragni

From Brera to the island is a moment. The new “drinking neighborhood” is the ideal landing place towards the end of the day. Before treating yourself to a well-deserved aperitif, however, it is worth stopping by via Castilla 26 at Stecca 3.0. A stop to reflect.

On the ground floorThe nieuwe instituut presents The new shop. The concept is as simple as it is destabilizing: would you recycle your hair? Because here you can book a cut and let the locks become raw material for a new material created by the Dutch start-up Material Loop. Or have fun weaving them into an embroidery with the Korean artist Woon Jin Joo.

On the second floor Giulio Iacchetti and Matteo Ragni have built the small exhibition Between Us, a hymn to collaborative and authentic dialogue. Between past and new projects, the two designer friends reflect on the importance of relationship, on the use of the word as a design tool and as an act of resistance to the egoic doing of design.

Day 2: immersion in the project

You survived Day 1. The next step is the project that makes you think. Or the project that goes beyond the rules, any type of rule, even geographical. So we start (early, to avoid queues) from Alcova.


Palazzo Bagatti-Valsecchi and Palazzo Borsani

There were those who thought they were joking, but instead the patrons of Alcova, Valentina Ciuffi and Joseph Grima, they really found asylum in Varedo, half an hour by train from Milan.

There are good reasons to take the trip. The place is very beautiful, the two historic buildings are worth seeing and, in general, the exhibitors are interesting. Young and old, foreign brands, cosmopolitan designers. You can find them all here (but not only here). The watchword is border: between design and craftsmanship, between tradition and ecological transition, between irony and research.

Baranzate Ateliers

Via Gaudenzio Fantoli 16/3, Milan

Whether you go to Varedo by train or car, you will still be comfortable getting there from Baranzate Ateliers, between Rogoredo and the Forlanini district. Lionel Jadot founded Zaventem Ateliers in a former industrial building on the outskirts of Brussels: a cluster of contemporary designers and artisans.

The baptism at the FuoriSalone was last year in Baranzate, with a tight program, guests, hype projects and performances.

It returns this year, keeps the name and the underground atmosphere but moves to via Gaudenzio Fantoli. Not to deny the love for the suburbs. Here also Bold dualities with the thirty designers selected by Belgium is design. The location is scenic and the atmosphere exciting.

Design Variations

viale Gorizia 14

After the successes in the historic locations of Milan, Design Variations chooses an urban scenography. In a former garage in the Navigli area, ninety designers and 26 companies spread over 7,000 m2.

The HEMP_SCAPE setup by Park Associati renews the large internal volumes through the use of thermal bricks in hemp and lime from Biomat. The selection is quality: from Orografie to Pulkra, from Galleria Antonia Jannone with Barricades by Mario Trimarchi to Nathalie Du Pasquier's site specific Corridoio.

1st, Ikea

via Tortona 58

Are you ready for Tortona, where the FuoriSalone took its first steps. Start from 1st, the Ikea installation dedicated to the first time. Specifically: the first time away from home. But also all the first times in life, always different and always exciting. A well-thought-out, well-made installation with a high level of emotion and fun. After all: who hasn't been to Ikea to furnish their first home?

Convivial laboratory, We will design

Talamo, Lemonot
Flow Air, Ingo Maurer
Base Milan
via Bergognone 34

Base Milan, a certainty. Starting from Talamo, an installation by the Lemonot duo, moving on to Flow Air by Ingo Maurer and arriving at We will design, the design and experimental platform which this year chooses conviviality as its theme: care, kindness, collaboration.

It is imperative to talk to designers, listen to the visions of young people, enjoy the unique atmosphere of a place whose vocation is research and speculative design. With pragmatic implications on new housing models.

Whispers of Nature

Nendo, Paola Lenti

Via Bovio 28

Give yourself a gift: end the day at Paola Lenti to see the Whispers of nature exhibition by Nendo. The frame is the new showroom of the outdoor brand in the Maciachini area.

An internal courtyard where you can learn what it means to design an outdoor space even in the city. And an exhibition not to be missed by Oki Sato, founder of Nendo, which captures the delicate mutability of nature and transforms it into five design paths.

A way to celebrate twenty years of the Japanese designer's Milan Design Week and, perhaps, one of the best things about FuoriSalone 2024.