A Base, the event that gives space to young people, will stage projects, events and results of collective calls that have kindness as their common denominator

The Milan of the project is working very, very much to prepare the next Milan Design Week 2024. One month to go and the countdown has begun.

The good and encouraging news is that some are working very, very much also on events that include kindness, hospitality, listening and new human relationships in their summary.

“We have lost the pleasure of being together. Thirty years of precariousness and competition have destroyed social solidarity" say Francesco Bifo Berardi and Geert Lovink in "An appeal to the Army of Love and the Army of Software ”. And now it's time to recover.

Is kindness a new content in the Milan Design Week calendar?

We are talking about that type of human, authentic and reciprocal attitude that transcends antagonisms, distrust, the voracious logic of survival at the expense of others. Kindness in this case becomes a topic of reflection, especially for those under 35.

Too young to remember the glories of the new economy and too old to still believe in the redemption of their parents devoted to the brand and 24-hour success, the new designers question ordinary questions in a disruptive way.

It is not a revolutionary desire. It is a wise reflective attitude willing to get rid of certainties, even at the cost of making mistakes and trying again. It takes courage.

How can we live together without formally being a family?

A topic that designer Susanna Tomassini investigates in her diploma project for the Eindhoven Academy and which will be at Base Milano in the context of We will design 2024 during the FuoriSalone. Shared families have become a common living arrangement for many young adults, often driven by economic constraints. However, for some, the decision to live with friends rather than alone or with parents or partner is a conscious choice.

These shared spaces can become platforms for implementing disruptive policies, where concepts such as commons, shared work and uncodified relationships come into play. The Southern Thruway is a video installation that interweaves personal stories with political concepts, exploring themes of uncertainty, forced collectivity and transience. It also alludes to the transformative power of domestic connections and unconventional love.

Unconventional kindness: returning to sharing informal relationship spaces

The installation by the Lemonot duo is one of the most anticipated events of the Milan Design Week 2024. It is called Talamo and it will be an immensely light bed, which becomes a room without delimiting a volume, without ever closing.

A soft, fluid landscape, which will take shape thanks to its constant movement between floor and ceiling, shaped by the force of gravity and all interactions with the bodies of visitors.

Base Milano, which hosts the Lemonot within the Convivial Laboratory during the Fuori Salone 2024, dedicates the entire We Will Design exhibition to the theme of “convivialism”.

Ubuntu: I am because you are. Leaving the community logic to rediscover personal relationships

Linda di Pietro, artistic director of Base, explains: “We are referring to the Manifesto of the Convivialist International which explains how one can live and consume within the framework of ecological transition and cooperation. Another inspiring concept is the Senegalese word ubuntu, which means “I am because you are”.

It's not just about creating a community, according to Di Pietro, but about returning to the concept of relation between bodies, between individuals.

An idea that has been too neglected, in favor of the concept of community, which is much less mobile and creative. The thought materializes in a hospitality proposal at popular prices in a campsite (twenty places) set up on the roof of the former Ansaldo.

“Design Week becomes more and more exclusive and blocks access to young designers and artists who are a fundamental presence. It seemed natural to us to offer space and resources. Also to build a collaborative experiment through very practical moments and other more speculative ones".

Kindness means welcoming and including. Concretely: After? launches Runaways, a collective project on precarious living

The idea is simple, primary: After? Space offers hospitality in its spaces to visitors of the FuoriSalone 2024 in exchange for a work of art, a creative intervention, an activity for the Design Week public.

It is an open call launched as usual via Instagram, a call to action destined to become a reference in terms of change practices in an economically exclusive context.

The real novelty is the introduction of the politics of poetic and artistic exchange, in the sign of a kindness that smells of rebellion against the commercial status quo. If this is the attitude of young Milanese intellectuals and creatives, there is hope for the future.

Cover photo: Susanna Tomassini, The Southern Thruway. Ph. Nicole Marnati - Susanna Tomassini