There will be a lot of technology at the FuoriSalone: from those who explain how AI works to those who involve with immersive projects, here are the addresses to note for lovers of innovation (on a human scale)

There is Dotdotdot which (finally) sheds light on artificial intelligence, demystifying the omnipotence that is too often attributed to it, and there is Google which makes us experience in a tangible way how we perceive and how we are influenced by colours. There is the director Thierry Loa who makes us fly over the American skies in 360 degree virtual reality to observe landscapes transformed by man, between urban expansion and climate disasters, and there is the artist digital Andrés Reisinger which invites us to meditate and transcend time from Nilufar.

The tech exhibitions and events with a high rate of innovation not to be missed during the design week.

Data bugs - AI is a mirror of Dotdotdot

Via Tertulliano 70

From 15th to 19th April

How does artificial intelligence work? What are the social implications, the importance of representation and the risks that data polarization has in fueling bias and stereotypes? Data bugs - AI is a mirror by Dotdotdot sheds (finally) clarity on the topic, makes the functioning of AI tangible and demystifies the omnipotence that is too often attributed to it.

“Artificial intelligence is an area of application and research on which Dotdotdot has been experimenting for several years”, explains Alessandro Masserdotti, co-founder and cto of Dotdotdot.

“With this project, we have chosen to delve into the field of Explainable AI (XAI) to give visitors an immersive emotional experience that allows them to visualize the way in which machine learning models ) make decisions and generate outputs, to shed light and reflect on the implications this has on our society."

The interactive experience demonstrates how it is not Artificial Intelligence that creates stereotypes, but rather the starting data provided, therefore ourselves.

Making sense of color by Google

Garage 21, via Archimede 26

From 15th to 21st April

In the Porta Venezia Design District “visitors will experience the Sensory Field, an installation of lights and sounds composed of translucent rooms that create a vast range of interconnected spaces” talk here Chromasonic, the laboratory that created the Making sense of color event with Ivy < strong>Ross, vice-president of Google's hardware design studio.

A research into color, its sensory qualities and the way we perceive colors: “As colored light ebbs and flows through space, algorithmically connected sound waves fill the atmospheric environment: color becomes audible and the sound becomes visible. Participants will experience greater awareness of their senses.” “We asked ourselves: what do colors sound, feel, taste, smell and look like?” adds Ivy Ross.

“Each color transmits a different vibration. That vibration has a biological and psychological effect on us. Color gives life a boost. Color resonates with vivacity, embodies energy and has both a physiological and psychological influence on us because it evokes different emotions. We're going through major disruptions globally right now, so understanding the power of color and its different properties felt very relevant to us."

Andrés Reisinger for Nilufar

Nilufar, viale Lancetti 34

From 15th to 21st April

Andrés Reisinger, the artist-designer born in 1990 famous for having sold virtual - therefore non-existent - furnishings in dizzying auctions, presents 12 Chairs for meditation, curated with Nina Yashar, founder of Nilufar, twelve pure white chairs, a symbolic mosaic and a piece of music composed by the artist which encourage visitors to meditate.

"The exhibition delves into spirituality, introspection and humanity, themes that have profoundly influenced my artistic journey," says Reisinger.

“Like Plato, Novalis and many others, Andrés Reisinger seems to know that meditation and the search for wisdom are unraveling processes that lead back to the very first beginnings,” explains the Argentine philosopher and critic Florencio Noceti in his speech on show.

“At the base of his latest installation, a dozen empty chairs serve as a physical reminder of human presence in a space of contemplation. Exactly a dozen. No more, no less. Twelve, as he knows, is a highly composite superior number representing perfection and cosmic balance in our traditions since ancient times."

"Even within the physical confines of this exhibition,” adds Nina Yashar, “Reisinger manages toevoke the ethereal essence of his digital creations: elusive, transcendent, existing beyond the constraints of space and time as we know it."

Mcm Wearable Casa Collection by Atelier Biagetti

Palazzo Cusani, via Brera 13/15

From 15th to 21st April

The house becomes a reflection of its owner, to the point that it can be worn. It is the Mcm Wearable Casa Collection by Atelier Biagetti, curated by MariaCristina Didero. A playful setup in which seven objects transcend their traditional roles and become transformable, modular, portable or wearable.

The exhibition develops on two interacting and continuously dialoguing levels: the direct experience "in the flesh" and the virtual one in the metaverse which can be accessed via QR code.

The products on display will live a double life, in physical space and in the metaverse where they will free themselves in a dreamlike and unexpected dimension. At the end of the route there will be a meeting point where visitors can change point of view and see a glimpse of the opposite world, from real to metaverse and vice versa.

Glint by Quayola for Ceramiche Refin

Refin Studio, via Melone 2

Saturday 13 April special opening on the occasion of MiArt
And from April 15th to 21st

He is among the most requested and appreciated exponents of media art: Davide Quayola, Roman born in 1982, uses robotic arms, generative software and artificial intelligence to reinterpret the languages and codes of classical art.

The artist participates in the design week with Glint for Ceramiche Refin, a site-specific work and installation in which he explores the themes dear to him, that is, the relationship between man and machine, and the observation of nature and its phenomena through technological tools. The title Glint refers to the glow of sunlight on water, a fleeting but intense reflection of light.

The project represents the first chapter ofRefin DTS - Daring Art Explorations, a project curated by Valentino Catricalà which every year will involve bold international artists and which will culminate in a Variation, a collection of unique ceramic pieces, free reinterpretation of the work of art created by the artist for the ceramic company.

MEET Digital Culture Center

Viale Vittorio Veneto 2

From 16th to 21st April

Among the addresses to mark on the map, the MEET Digital Culture Center, the center for digital art and culture founded by Maria Grazia Mattei with the support of Cariplo Foundationto help bridge the Italian digital divide and promote a new awareness of technology.

After the success of the first edition, with over 40 thousand visitors, this year too MEET confirms itself as the nerve center and headquarters of the Porta Venezia Design District. Among the numerous events, the work 21-22 Usa by Thierry Loa, interdisciplinary director and creator of content for new media, a look meditative that allows us to fly over 360 degrees in VR and observe from the skies of the two world powers, namely the USA and China, the landscapes transformed by man, including urban expansion, expanses of suburbs, industrial development, oil fields and climate disasters .

Also at MEET, the exhibitionTo the edge of matter. An unforgettable journey, a journey into matter, between the physical and the virtual, curated for Neutra by Migliore+Servetto, the brand's creative directors.

A synesthetic experience that unfolds within all the spaces of MEET, in collaboration with atelier oï, Draw studio, Foster + Partners, Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, Mario Bellini, Migliore+Servetto, Nespoli and Novara, Zaha Hadid Architects, which feature furnishings for the living room and bathroom.


Catholic University of the Sacred Heart
Largo gemini 1

From April 16th to May 1st

A technological amphitheater where it is possible to listen to the sounds and immerse yourself in the soundscapes of the primary equatorial forests of the Amazon, Africa and Borneo, recorded in 3D, and discover the state of the Planet and the dangerous changes in the biosphere through scientific data already in place.

It is Sonosfera by David Monacchi, a project resulting from decades of research work, part of the INTERNI Cross Vision program, with Municipality of Pesaro, Italian Capital of Culture 2024, Rencoand CTE Square - Home of emerging technologies.

An acoustically isolated geodesic structure, a three-dimensional sound field with 45 very high definition acoustic speakers which, like a time machine, catapults us into archaic habitats where it is possible to reconnect with primordial nature and touch the climate emergency.

A consciousness accelerator and a significant experience, accessible to groups of 40 people, by book here . The project is connected to the Climate Clock, on the facade of the civic museums of Pesaro, which indicates the time we have left to exhaust the CO2 budget to be emitted into the atmosphere before exceeding the critical threshold of +1.5 degrees.

Flower up by Emiliano Ponzi for glo for art

Gattinoni Hub, via Statuto 2

From 15th to 21st April

Emiliano Ponzi, the illustrator and artist originally from Reggio Emilia, now based in New York, with his eclectic, poetic and experimental style, signs for the Salone del Mobile Under the surface, with Design Group Italia and Accurat, an underwater landscape that invites us to reflect on the impact of daily practices on one of the most precious and vital resources: water.

While at the Brera Design District, Ponzi surprises us with the maxi site-specific installation Flower up for glo for art, a vibrant tunnel of shapes and colors that envelops the public and leads to a garden of wonders where a surprising tree-sculpture will allow you to experience experiences that are currently still top secret.

Forum8 and Digital Domestic Dialogues

Superdesign Show by Superstudio Più
via Tortona 27

From 16th to 21st April

If you are looking for tech events, the address to mark on the map is Superdesign Show by Superstudio Più, the collective project of Gisella Brioli, curated by Giulio Cappellini, with a kaleidoscope of bold and cosmopolitan proposals that brings together over 80 companies from eleven nations and three continents. Here it is possible to meet and interact with Asian pioneers in technology, such as Forum8, a Japanese company specialized in hyper-realistic virtual simulations: through wearable virtual reality devices it will be possible to travel in real cities or imaginary and experience extreme climatic events such as earthquakes, allowing their effects to be measured in advance.

He investigates the emotional technology Dialogues Domestici Digitali of Habits Design, a collection of objects that interact with the environment in an almost empathic way, as if equipped with sensitivity and spirit of adaptation.

An example? Rito, a project by Ilaria Tarozzi and Ilaria Vitali, not a simple coat hanger but a real motivator that transforms the wall in a dynamic and inspirational space, with personalized suggestions and reminders, and 1g1lm, where “g” stands for weight in grams and “lm” for luminous flux in lumens, a lamp designed by Min Dong that measures weight of light, or rather, it generates a different light depending on the weight of the object placed on it.

Extraordinary by Elica

Palazzo Litta, Corso Magenta 24

From 15th to 21st April

Entering the courtyard of the historic Palazzo Litta, in the heart of the 5Vie district, you are surprised by Straordinaria, the the installation by Elica with the Ermanno Casoli Foundation, conceived by the Japanese studio we+ and curated by Marcello Smarrelli, artistic director of the Foundation. A site-specific work that recalls the lightness of clouds, and creates a continuous flow in the alternation of tones that evoke air and heat, natural elements of identity for Elica.

“We were inspired by the natural elements, the place and the Straordinaria concept to create an installation where nature, beauty and color come together to offer the public a sensorial journey focused on the theme of air”, say the artists Toshiya Hayashi and Hokuto Ando founders of we+.

“The essence of the brand pushed us to seek a perspective of authentic interpretation of its values. The relationship and contact with the shapes, materials, shades and depth transport the visitor into a unique dimension of connection with the element".

Electrolux EcoLine Hub by Electrolux Group

BAM - Tree Library

From 16th to 21st April

Simple gestures are enough to make a difference and trigger change, starting from domestic habits. To remind us of this, Electrolux EcoLine Hub by Electrolux Group, a large parallelepiped with mirrored walls that blends in with the vegetation of the Tree Library, in the green heart of Portanuova.

The hub, which internally reproduces a real home, aims to encourage people to adopt more respectful behaviors towards the Planet, through virtuous practices and with the help of efficient and intelligent appliances designed to save water, energy and time.

Thanks to the AWorld application, you can calculate your carbon footprint, and you can take small electronic waste to the collection point created with the non-profit consortium Erion Weee, of which Electrolux is a member.

Furthermore, Materia Viva, a docufilm created by the consortium with Libero Produzioni to raise public awareness of good recycling practices, will be screened.

Amazon's amazing walk

Courtyard of the Pharmacy of the University of Milan

From 15th to 28th April

Among the many events of the widespread exhibition-eventINTERNI Cross Vision, The amazing walk by Amazon, curated by MAD Architects, a walk suspended on the water that transports the public into an evocative setting, where a reproduction of a majestic mountain is reflected on the body of water.

A path that becomes a metaphor for the shopping experience on Amazon. “Among the products on display, the proposals from our Amazon Second Hand showcase and part of the Climate Pledge Friendly program, to show visitors how each we, in our daily lives, can make informed choices when purchasing on Amazon", explains Michele Marini, director for Europe of the Amazon furniture and large appliances categories.

“And Made in Italy products, the valorisation of which is of fundamental importance for us as it contributes to the development and internationalization of entrepreneurship and craftsmanship in our country”. To enrich the experience, Walk in sound, ten musical performances in collaboration with the Filarmonica della Scala and the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory of Milan, with free access while seats last.

Stark Transitions

Hall of the Pillars of the Sforzesco Castle, Piazza Castello

From 15th to 21st April

Stark, a company specializing in multimedia and interactive narratives, returns to the FuoriSalone - and promises to leave us speechless again this year - with Transitions, a multisensory exploration which shows sinuous and unexpected shapes, networks, morphologies and structures of matter in transformation in the presence of water.

The project, in collaboration with Alice and Alex Buroni and Gloria Lisi, stages a perceptive journey, in which an unexpected trompe-l'oeil reflects matter and human being as part of the same nature.


At home everywhere '24, via Savona 35

From 15th to 21st April

A reflection on the use of artificial intelligence in the creative field. It is memorIA, a memory game based on artificial intelligence, a playful and artistic project bySilvia Badalotti and Cristian Confalonieri, developed by Studiolabo with Condiviso, published by Demoela Giochi.

The game, presented during the design week in the spaces of At home everywhere '24, in via Savona 35, invites players to discover not two identical images, but rather two different images created with generative artificial intelligence starting from the same prompt.

In the box there are 30 images generated by 15 different prompts; in one case the result derives from the processing of the prompt by the AI, in the second the prompt was freely interpreted by the photographer Silvia Badalotti and then subjected to the AI, a symbol on the back of each card will reveal the two different generative paths .

During the FuoriSalone days it will be possible to try the playful experience of memory with the authors, the game will be available for purchase from April in a limited series.

Samsung's Newfound Equilibrium

Le Cavallerizze, via Olona 6 bis

From 16th to 21st April

A new, rediscovered balance between humans and technology. Newfound Equilibrium by Samsung is an inspiring vision for a better future in which hi-tech and man coexist in synergy and complement each other without replacing each other. with each other. The installation is directed and produced by Cheil Worldwide, with an exhibition designed by Silo Lab.
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