16 artists and as many disciplines come together in a celebratory installation, in the heart of the Porta Venezia Design District

During Design Week 2024, Inspired by Barcellona: Terra Rossa brings the manufacturing tradition to the heart of the Porta Venezia Design District, in via Sirtori 26 Spanish.

Inspired by the earth as a primordial element, the installation Inspired in Barcellona: Terra Rossa was born from the creative union of sixteen artists, each specialized in a different discipline, who competed in the reinterpretation of the traditional càntir d' clay, the traditional terracotta jug used to cool liquids.

As the name suggests, the exhibition curated by Júlia Esqué based on a concept by Apartamento Studios highlights the enormous potential of the earth as a primordial resource protagonist of the exhibition, in all its versatility: a precious element that allows us to best highlight the value of artisan know-how made in Barcelona.

As well as being an in-depth study that dialogues in complete harmony with the theme of this year's FuoriSalone, Materia Natura.

Useful information

Inspired in Barcelona: Terra Rossa is open to the publicfrom 16 to 20 April, from 10am to 7pm. On April 21st from 10am to 3pm, at the Sirtori26 space in Via Giuseppe Sirtori 26, 20129 Milan