Loewe returns at Palazzo Citterio, displaying this year an exhibition dedicated to light and its artisanal experimentation

With a consolidated and long-awaited participation, this year for the eighth time Loewe takes part in the FuoriSalone 2024 through a thematic exhibition dedicated to artisanal excellence ready to fascinate visitors and sector professionals: Loewe Lamps.

Loewe Lamps, credits press office

Loewe Lamps: what it is the exhibition by Loewe

At Palazzo Citterio, as per tradition, from 15 to 21 April 2024 Loewe introduces this time a collection of lamps commissioned from 24 internationally renowned artists, selected by the maison for their talent as well as for their long-standing relationship with the fashion house.

Floor, table or pendant, the lamps handcrafted for Loewe Lamps bring to the stage the value of light and the different techniques and practices specific to each artist, allowing them to experiment and broaden the horizons of processing and interaction with the material.

It is interesting to observe the results with the awareness that for many of the creatives this is the first measurement with the creation of a lighting element.

At Palazzo Citterio, Loewe brings craftsmanship on display

The flexibility of bamboo, birch twigs and horsehair; the translucencies of paper and lacquer finishes; the dynamic contrasts between glass, leather and ceramic create shapes that draw inspiration from natural as well as man-made objects, from lighters to transforming microorganisms.

Among those who have designed pendant lamps, Genta Ishizuka's work resembles an amorphous organic cell: the artist, who works with urushi lacquer, won the Loewe Foundation Craft Prize in 2019. Her lamp is finished with layers of high-gloss lacquer that are removed to reveal glimmers of gold finish, enhancing the delicate glow of light emanating from within.

Then there is also the famous ceramist Dame Magdalene Odundo who for the occasion created a leather suspension lamp: portions of curled leather protrude from a central element; an experimental deviation from the classic vases with which the artist established herself.

Finally, Enrico David's table lamp tells a lot about his interest in humanity in terms of metamorphosis and transformation; the table lamp by Hafu Matsumoto is made of intertwined strands of flattened bamboo, demonstrating his dexterity with the tension of the plant, acquired over decades of training, also under the guidance of the master bamboo weaver Iizuka Shokansai.

Alvaro Barrington's glass-shuttered floor lamp, complete with Loewe's signature gold donut chain cord, extends from his exploration to the iconic New York doorways and streetscapes of his youth Similarly, Zizipho Poswa's work draws on his personal memories of his life in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa and the daily Xhosa rituals he witnessed as a young man. His floor lamp is composed of ceramic, glass and bronze and takes the form of a vase supporting a bowl of illuminated spheres.

With this initiative, therefore, Loewe once again brings to the FuoriSalone all its commitment to valuable craftsmanship, which unfolds in a collection of household items which includes ikebana vases, doorstops and paperweights in woven leather, tailor-made in collaboration with the selected artists.

The full list of participating artists is as follows: Alvaro Barrington (Venezuela), Nicholas Byrne (UK), Enrico David (Italy), Andile Dyalvane (South Africa), Ernst Gamperl (Germany), Kazunori Hamana (Japan), Anthea Hamilton (UK), Akiko Hirai (Japan), Joe Hogan (Ireland), Ann Van Hoey (Belgium), Genta Ishizuka (Japan), Dahye Jeong (South Korea), Takuro Kuwata (Japan), Jennifer Lee (UK) , Young Soon Lee (South Korea), Anne Low (Canada), Hafu Matsumoto (Japan), Magdalene Odundo (Kenya), Zizipho Poswa (South Africa), Magali Reus (Netherlands), Chikuunsai Tanabe IV (Japan), Andrea Walsh (UK), Ceryth Wyn Evans (UK) and Shohei Yokoyama (Japan).

The items on display are available only at Palazzo Citterio and in the Loewe Montenapoleone shop, where it is also possible to purchase exclusively a limited edition of candles, designed specifically for the Design Week, with the "Roasted Hezelnut" aroma; each of them, moreover, , a candle holder with an imperfect aesthetic is placed alongside it, representing Loewe's commitment to a future lived with more sustainable practices.