An exhibition itinerary in five stages to tell the harmonious relationship between human beings and technology

Samsung takes over Milan Design Week 2024 with a project aimed at highlighting three primary design directions for the company: Essential∙Innovative∙Harmonious.

Three key words that fully describe the world of Samsung design, like its products, which are studied from the point of view of function, technology and design in full agreement with these three key values.

Samsung at Le Cavallerizze in via Olona 6bis

In the context of the historic location Le Cavallerizze - via Olona 6bis, in Milan, Samsung invites for the whole duration of the FuoriSalone to enjoy a path designed to tell the visitor about the harmonious relationship between technology and humanity, interpreted by the company.

In fact, it is a relationship that puts dialogue in the foreground: there are no 'substitutions' but fusions. The human being and technology - in particular in its declination of artificial intelligence - are two worlds that can interact profitably, in order to support each other.

To tell it, Samsung has set up the rooms of Le Cavallerizze with an exhibition itinerary organized into five installations, each aimed at telling a nuance of the evolutionary relationship between people and technology.

Samsung Newfound Equilibrium: the five stages of the journey

Always referring, therefore, to the three key keywords, the exhibition itinerary is divided into five areas, respectively:

• Essential (zone 1)

Tells the first step of the journey. Five translucent cubes contain free-moving objects that represent the essential building blocks of our thoughts and human existence, our emotions and our search for the future. The use of texture, visuals, and technology shapes them intuitively, just as our experiences with technology shape us. At times, it might blur the lines between what is real and what is unreal. But at no point does this fundamentally change what or who I am; however, the essential remains true, their clear and simple function.

• Innovative (zone 2)

In the second space, technological innovation allows us to explore the possibility of new ideas. By sensing the visitor's movement, the technology responds by interacting and proposing unexpected graphics, as if it were anticipating the request of those in front. Technological progress constantly reveals new opportunities.

• Harmonious (Zone 3)

Here, technology and human experience complement each other in a serene landscape. In this third space, the images outside the window take on organic shapes to reveal a completely new world. There is a sense of synergy: everything works in unison.

• Infinite Dream (Zone 4)

It represents the pinnacle where the possible and the impossible merge. The visitor finds himself immersed in a world of familiarity and fantasy. The spheres representing dreams and moving fluidly. This perfect balance between all that is essential, innovative and harmonious is how we imagine interpreting the Samsung design philosophy.

• New Dawning, (zone 5)

In a contemplative atmosphere, it echoes the site's history and spiritual purpose while representing Bespoke with contemporary and sophisticated surfaces. In collaboration with ceramic masters MUTINA and wood veneer experts ALPI, Samsung home appliances have been reinvented under the coexistence of technology and humans.