From 16 to 28 April, at the Catholic University, a sound installation made of profound sensorial and cognitive experiences: through technology David Monacchi reconnects us to a primordial world

On the occasion of the FuoriSalone 2024 and in the context of INTERNIORS Cross Vision, the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart welcomes the installation and sound experience Fragments of Extinctionby David Monacchi and Pesaro 2024 - Italian capital of culture: aaccelerator of consciousness, a 'time machine ' where high technology (Matter) paradoxically allows reconnection with the primordial world.

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For 200,000 years our species has shaped the world around him by transforming Nature into Matter, as a tool, instrument, dwelling.

We then grew to influence the geological processes of the biosphere, and now, at the dawn of the Anthropocene, having to use all our intelligence to remedy the decline in the stability of the 'common home' and the networks of life that support us.

Sonosfera® by David Monacchi fits into this epochal ecological transition as an accelerator of consciousness, a 'time machine' where high technology ( Matter) paradoxically allows reconnection with the primordial world (Nature) through deep sensorial and cognitive experiences.

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The sound of ecosystems most biodiverse and oldest forests on Earth, recorded in 3D and reproduced in periphony spherical, becomes the portal to make that leap of awareness, in the dark into the intimacy of individual listening.

An architectural space, however collective, designed to find oneself guests of archaic habitats, in an experience at the crossroads of nature, art and technology, key themes of long-term work Fragments of Extinction by David Monacchi and Pesaro 2024 - Italian Capital of Culture. 

In this scenario, the House of Emerging Technology and Renco collaborate to the project Sonosfera®, a fusion of creativity and ingenuity which celebrates sustainability through the harmony of sounds, evoking a cultural symbiosis that reflects ecological awareness.