Ahead of its time, Talenti was born 20 years ago, the first company exclusively dedicated to the outdoors: we spoke about its history and future with Founder and President Fabrizio Cameli

This is the way of doing business in Italy, it is the strength of a project that overcomes obstacles and imposes itself on the market thanks to quality and passion. 20 years have passed, but it seems like yesterday that the first collections of garden furniture by Talenti.

Experiments, changes and risks that bore fruit thanks to team work.


With what background - productive and entrepreneurial - did you come to found an exclusively outdoor brand (ahead of its time)?

Fabrizio Cameli: "For us everything started with marble. Talenti was born producing outdoor tables inlaid with this material but over time I I realized that the market was going in another direction.

Looking at the furniture panorama that surrounded me, I noticed the existence of a still unexplored market segment, a space where outdoor furniture and design could dialogue in a synergistic way.

Hence the intuition to bet on a more refined, elegant and sophisticated outdoor, and above all, signed by great designers who could interpret the concept of en plein air design in their own way, like Karim Rachidfirst, and then Marco Acerbis who paved the way.

By surrounding myself with Talents (hence the name) I had the objective of giving life to something new, which would resist over time, was unscathed by changes but at the same time managed to anticipate them".

How have outdoor materials changed from 2004 to today, what are the milestones of material evolution in these 20 years?

Fabrizio Cameli: "In these two decades, materials have evolved, both from a performance and aesthetic point of view. On this last point , the boundary between indoor and outdoor has become increasingly subtle with the customer who, as we had intuited 20 years ago, seeks solutions in continuity between internal and external spaces. A continuity in the name of elegance and beauty of the shapes and this is also possible thanks to the new materials that allow almost artisanal workmanship".

"In parallel, and it couldn't be otherwise given the delicate moment the planet is experiencing, the great theme is sustainability. A theme that is not a trend but which is an integral part of our DNA.

In recent years we have in fact invested in research, promoted a diversification of materials including for example vitter (zero-emission and antibacterial production process), the 100% recycled fabrics (from plastic bottles, masks, etc.), but also the different types of wood such as Accoya and teak strong> (certified with control of the supply chain), finishing with aluminium.

For us there is no relaxation in the open air, there is no outdoor if the planet is sick.

We try to make our contribution by using products that are not only recyclable but by guaranteeing an increasingly longer life of our products, so as to reduce the impact on the environment. The future of the outdoors depends on materials and our ability to act in synergy with nature without consuming its resources".

A curiosity: how did the name Talenti come about?

Fabrizio Cameli: "This name was born one day, almost for fun, convinced that talent had to be at the basis of my vision of an outdoor company. Mine, my collaborators and, evidently, the designers who manage I involved my hand.

A name that is identifying but without being presumptuous and reminds us every day that without talent and passion you can't go anywhere.

This is why we surround ourselves with personalities such as Marco Acerbis, Ramon Esteve, Ludovica Serafini + Roberto Palomba, Carlo Colombo, Christophe Pillet, Jean Philippe Nuel or Teresa Sapey. Design is genius and we aim for excellence."

Most successful product(s)

Fabrizio Cameli: "It's difficult to make a ranking. In recent years, thanks to the collaboration with undisputed world talents, we have anticipated fashions, bet on trends that have proven successful. The Casilda collection, for example, has rewritten the canons of floor-based upholstery with a minimal design that Ramon Esteve has exalted and made eternal.

Even the increasingly strong relationship withLudovica Serafini + Roberto Palombahas given life to collections that are already iconic.

With Cruise, for example, we emphasized the relationship between design and nautical with clear marine inspirations and a sublime use of braided rope. A journey, the one by sea, which we also find in the Argo collection that the two designers conceived inspired by the legend of Jason and his mythological search for the Golden Fleece.

Speaking of bets, during the pandemic we also launched Tikal, our first outdoor kitchen and for this project we chose to collaborate withNicola De Pellegrini, an architect and designer holistic approach that puts the sustainability of its projects first. Statuesque and sophisticated, this kitchen is truly a source of pride because it allows Talenti to offer its customers a complete and personalized outdoor environment.

In fact, all our collections are complete families of products that include deckchairs, seats, tables, sofas and armchairs and even furniture and pantries. One aspect that makes our collections so popular is that they are so international.

The designers we collaborate with are world-renowned and represent a link with the territories from which they come. Last, in chronological order, the partnership with Christophe Pillet which in one year saw the birth of two collections including the fascinating Allure which will be among the protagonists of Milano Design Week 2024".

The celebrations for the 20th anniversary begin from the new flagship store in via Manzoni 11 in Milan

Fabrizio Cameli: "Talenti celebrates its 20th birthday with the brand's new flagship store, three floors for a surface area of 500 square meters in the central street of the Fashion Quadrilatero.

The project curated by Ludovica Serafini + Roberto Palomba also responds to the need to have an adequate space where to show the great variety of luxury collections that the family company Cameli has been offering for two decades now.

Talenti Manzoni - represents yet another "step" in an unstoppable climb into the empire of the top brands of Italian design where Talenti is emerging".