A futuristic installation in the Moscova area, shows all the versatility of the USM Haller modular icon. Appointment in Corso Garibaldi 71

Throughout the Milan Design Week, the Swiss design icon USM moves to Corso Garibaldi 71 - at the headquarters of Rossignoli, another historic name in the city - to tell the identity of the USM Haller modular system lies deep within.

An indissoluble bond declared to a modular and extremely versatile element, conceived by Fritz Haller and Paul Schärer and which for 60 years now has described the DNA of USM, thanks to its constant changeability.

Open every dayfrom 15th to 21st April, from 10am to 7.30pm, USM presents a futuristic installation designed specifically with the use of the system USM Haller, which allows us to highlight the ingenious flexibility of the icon, dialoguing between contrasts and harmonies with the raw space of the location.

Keyword: dynamic movement. In fact, the set changes continuously, thanks to the innumerable possibilities that can be explored with Haller: spheres, tubes, connectors and colored panels give live life to a piece of furniture that changes continuously.

In the dim light of the space sculpture, an interactive exhibition also invites visitors to explore the many facets of the rich history of this design classic.

While this space capsule constitutes a quiet, timeless nucleus, where the presence of USM reigns supreme, the external space, with its landscape of sculptures and the adjacent bar, it literally acts as a "connector" for meetings and exchanges typical of Design Week.

It is this connection between "timeless" and "contemporary" – which has characterized USM for the last sixty years and carries it forward into the future.

A versatility and adaptability that other design classics can hardly match. Yet, the few but striking design elements of the modular furniture system have been unmistakable since the 1960s. The timeless icon remains true to itself while always on the move.