The new Swedish car triumphs in the Production Cars category. BMW receives the award for Concept Cars and Kia for Brand Design Language

Among the events of the Design Week, the talk and subsequent awards ceremony for the most innovative car manufacturers, conceived and organized by the Auto&Design magazine directed by Silvia Baruffaldi is one of those not to be missed.

The setting itself is important, the meeting takes place in the Design Museum in via Ceresio 7, the participants always give strong opinions on the directions of the world of design, in the automotive field but not only.

This year the theme was Living in the Car, with the participation of Rossella Guasco, Vice President C&M Design Stellantis Europe; Francesca Sangalli, Head of Color&Trim and Concept&Strategy Seat Cupra; Stefano Piontini, partner of Vudafieri Saverino Partners Shanghai and Carlo Ammirati, Sustainability Director & Innovation Manager of Alcantara.

The awards, for the best production car, the best concept car and for the most innovative design team, are appreciated and exhibited by the winners , also because they are the thoughtful result of an international jury whose fulcrum is the Italian newspaper but which collects opinions and votes from ten other magazines published in Brazil, China, South Korea, France, Germany, Japan, India, Great Britain, Spain , plus Automotive News Europe, distributed throughout the old continent.

This year then, thanks to the partnership with Alcantara, the small coveted trophies made by Erre Company were covered with the precious and valuable material, used in ever wider areas, from the interior of the car to the furnishings for the House.

In the Concept Cars category, the prize was won by the BMW Vision Neue Klasse, for its ability to reinvent the language of the brand, "in absolutely modern way, while maintaining the unmistakable elements of style that constitute the brand's heritage. In the increasingly homogeneous design of electric vehicles, a tribute to the past and a vision for the future."

The award for the best Brand Design Language, however, went to the Korean group Kia, for "a non-conformist approach with the aim of inducing change, without fear of taking risks . Unexpected at first sight, the new Kia models break the mold of consolidated aesthetic parameters to introduce a modern and totally new formal language."

But perhaps the even more coveted prize, the one for production cars, cars which then have to compete with the market, was awarded to the new Volvo EX30 totally electric car, point access to the Swedish manufacturer's range.

The jury said: “For Volvo, small is really beautiful. The exterior of the EX30 is perfectly successful and the interior is very spacious. A small SUV with a strong sense of luxury, characterized by the typical Volvo design language: simple, ecological, practical, but also capable of bringing a feeling of freshness with its characteristic Scandinavian design, albeit unprecedented”.

Andrea Boragno, president of Alcantara, told Interni: “We have always been convinced that functionality and design must walk together. Even more so today where the direction is clear, the megatrend in all industrial, product and service sectors is the demand for strong customisation, combining design, stylistic and emotional aspects with functionality".