Pioggia Botanica is the title of the installation created by Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran to interpret the perfumes of Bertelli: inspired by the sensations generated by rain in nature.

The inspiration comes from the idea of recovering elements of memory capable of evoking olfactory sensations. A spell that is broken in nature, and in its breakdown releases refractions, reflections, reminders, quotations of memories.

A past that comes back to life in a reinvented fragrance. The rain washes, distills and gathers in a block of onyx the essences that nature expands.

The materials are backpainted glass, mirrors, brass and alabaster. The colors are black, violet, yellow, green. Deco memories in the signs, finishes and colors. Bright gold and mirrors marked by time immersed in generous nature. Nature bursts in, penetrates and floods memory. Water releases, gathers and prompts aromas. The cathartic rainfall that instills and distills the heart of scents. Essences that rise from memories. The Scent of Rain.

Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran capitalize on their personal work experiences in design, art and fashion, founding Dimorestudio in 2003. From that moment on, every project has been developed in a personal, recognizable way: objects by the Great Masters of design coexist with salvaged items and others made to measure to create and shape a precise atmosphere. A timeless visual and emotional path. Research rich in details that make every project simple, and thus sophisticated, every sign, every proposal, every suggesiton, innovation and citation.


Achille Bertelli began his business in 1888. He started producing a revolutionary medicated patch. Quick was the transition to cosmetics, perfumed soaps, perfumes, powders and creams for the modern woman. Among the most successful fragrances Asso di Cuori and Come tu mi vuoi, that had as testimonial the actress Greta Garbo. In the 1960 the company was sold to Lepetit.

Scent Rain

A thin rain falls on the Botanical Garden, a harmonious space, created by the rulers of the past. A reinvigorating scent of pine and leaves, surrounded by citrus-like notes, evokes Earl Grey tea. A water-based harmony of freesia, covered by lotus petals encircles the building, up to a jasmine which reveals the romanticism of wood and white musk, winking at Milan one last time.

Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran ph. Stefano Galuzzi

Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran ph. Stefano Galuzzi