Jean-Marie Massaud The pavilion Bertif, Timeless Scent concentrates on the Eau de Cologne developed in the 1800s by the Parisian pharmacist Bertif, and the flacons to contain it, unique pieces in marble, crystal and wood.  

Paris during the 19th century: the name of a talented apothecary is floating around like a whispered rumour: Bertif. Far from fleeting trends and easy fragrances flourishing in department stores, he patiently works in his lab, to develop formulas focusing on well-being and harmony.

Combining rare natural components, carefully selected and extracted in the best conditions, he creates one singular Eau de Cologne. Not a seduction-based perfume but a scented water offering hygiene and well-being for everyday use, fitting like a second skin. Today the ambition is to rediscover the alchemy of Bertif by placing the elixir at the centre of our creation. Therein lies the value of the Bertif’s essence, in this precious fluid. There is no need of artifice.

For this fragrance to become your perfume, Bertif gives you the choice of the wrapping. A high-end object made of precious wood, of fine marble, of crafted crystal or of the unique material specially chosen by you. An object of a lasting nature embodying your personality. The quality requirement is the Bertif’s ambition.

Jean-Marie Massaud with a degree in 1990 at the Ensci-Les Ateliers design institute in Paris, has worked on a wide range of projects, from architecture to objects: from one-offs to mass products, large settings to small contexts.

Bertif launched a range of fragrances in Paris in 1910. Very few information are available about this brand.

Scent The elixir of wellness

Very complex and very complete, the first notes of this perfume are acidulated by lemon, bergamot and bubbly grapefruit. They prepare the skin to the sweetness of mango. Surrounded by the intoxicating freesia, the elixir reveals all of its soothing virtues with no other superfluous artifice. A moving sensory pathway where the accords of musk and the harmony of the vanilla notes create a unique feeling of wellness, like a second skin.

Jean-Marie Massaud

Jean-Marie Massaud