Fernando and Humberto Campana For the brand Biette they have created the installation Veredas, inspired by a marine cave in the Brazilian state of Bahia. The porcelain bottle is also like a sea creature.

For Biette parfum the inspiration came by sea creatures, so Fernando and Humberto Campana designed a porcelaine bottle of perfume in the shape of a marine animal. Then, for the conceptual installation the influence was a cave named ‘Gruta do Veredas’ located in the state of Bahia in Brazil. The shape of the wicker installation they created to host the bottle of perfume reminds of the paths of this cave.

For the packaging they created a black box in cardboard covered in synthetic fur. Fernando Campana said: ‘We’re very happy to be part of this exhibition as we share the goal of rescuing traditions that are disappearing. We were given a historical perfume maker brand and tried to give it a new life and a fresh look thrugh our design universe’.


Since 1983 the brazilian brothers Campana have been solidly building their career in the field of artistic design, achieving both national and international recognition. Their work incorporates the idea of transformation and reinvention. Giving preciousness to poor, day-to-day or common materials carries not only the creativity in their design but also very Brazilian characteristics – the colors, the mixtures, the creative chaos, the triumph of simple solutions. Based in Sao Paulo, Estudio Campana is constantly investigating new possibilities in furniture making.


The company was established by four brothers, Georges, Michel, Lionel and Maxime at rue Beausejour, in Nantes, France in 1882. In 1892 Biette was taken over by Alexis Biette. They ceased trading in 1950. They had branches in major cites in Europe, Africa and the USA. Some of their flacons were produced by Baccarat. The bottle of the perfume Narciris was designed by Julien Viard.

Scent Flora and Fauna

The sun shines on Brazilian nature, awakening the senses with the warmth of amber. A cocktail of bergamot and lemon charms in a lively fantasy with notes of violets, in the form of sea animals. You have never felt so good as you are now, surrounded by this beaming nature, cradled by the sweet scents of ylang-ylang, lily of the valley and patchouli

Fernando and Humberto Campana Courtesy of Estudio Campana ph. F. Laszlo

Fernando and Humberto Campana Courtesy of Estudio Campana ph. F. Laszlo