Seven works in marble with surprising forms to reveal technological excellence, capacity to transform and creativity in the italian stone materials sector

Thanks to an age-old tradition and advanced technological know-how, Italy is a world leader in the production and crafting of marble: in this creative and productive setting, the installation Digital Lithic Design offers a collection of marble works made with machinery of the latest generation.

Its creator, in collaboration with Marmomacc, is the designer Raffaello Galiotto, also the maker of the seven works produced with seven sector companies: Litocorno with Antolini, the series Catenata, Corallo, Corona, Madrepora, Porifera, Serpentina with Budri, Quadrilobo with Decormarmi, Bicefalo with Intermac, Retina with Lithos Design, Crio with Odone Angelo, Carapace with Omag.

To demonstrate how technology, oriented by creativity and applied to marble, generates unusual expressive and constructive possibilities.


Specializing in the design of objects and collections in marble and stone, the designer from Vicenza Raffaello Galiotto has created Digital Lithic Design in collaboration with Marmomacc, the event of Veronafiere on the stone sector, which in the fall of 2015 will reach its 50th edition, and with Antolini, Budri, Decormarmi, Intermac, Lithos Design, Odone Angelo, Omag.

Raffaello Galiotto

Raffaello Galiotto