Jaime Hayon The Kuriopotek pavilion is the studio of a mysterious, magical creator of perfumes imagined by the Spanish designer for the brand Felix Boissard.

Jaime Hayon approaches the forgotten fragrance brand Felix Boissard by looking through the lens of an old-time alchemist, bringing the brand into the present through a Lab of Fantasy.

A whimsical scent lab is anchored by a grand table and a cabinet of curiosity, filled with a melange of vessels, lamps, perfume bottles, and other accoutrement of a wizard’s workspace, each surreal element expertly crafted with impeccable technique.

Noble materials such as glass, ceramic, and leather, are mixed in an explosion of forms. By day it’s a glimmering mix of materiality and wonder, and by night, it lights up into a sparkling dream world.


Jaime Hayon is a spanish artistdesigner. After studying industrial design in Madrid and Paris he joined Fabrica – the Benetton-funded design and communication academy in Italy- in 1997 where he directed the design department until 2003. Hayon set up his own studio practice in 2000 and dedicated himself fully to his personal projects from 2003 onward. Hayon’s esteem and knowledge of artisan skills and his inherent creativity has allowed him to push the boundaries of many mediums and functions.

Felix Boissard, a British-French company, was established around 1900 by John-Ernest Jewel, (a probable predecessor in France was Pennes Fils et Broissard). The most famous perfumes were Silva (1913) and Madelon (1919)

Scent Between day and night

The enigmatic fragrances of ginger and iris drift from the alchemist’s workshop window. Inspired by his muse, he blends white musk, orange and bergamot by following mysterious algebraic combinations, enshrining them in his extraordinarily shaped and variegated vessels. Warmed by blond wood, aldehyde decants its fresh and white notes one by one. A perfume that’s sparkling by day and mysterious by night… A magical alchemy!

Jaime Hayon

Jaime Hayon