Front The Swedish design trio has created the Fragrance Particles pavilion to revive the brand Guyla, through a cupboard covered with vegetation and a luminous installation.

The designers got the inspiration from Guyla´s beautiful bottle from Twenties. The bottle was shaped like a champagne glass, with double glass walls, the fragrance was contained between the two. Its surface was decorated with hand painted floral Art Nouveau designs by Paul Poiret’s company Atelier Martine.

The Front liked the connection between Art Nouveau´s reference to nature, plants and flowers and the botanical garden. This inspired them to make an object decorated by nature: a cupboard with tracery that plants and flowers can climb on, referring to Poiret´s Art Nouveau patterns and his distinctive draped dress designs. The flowers that grow will be the same ones the perfume was made from, so the cupboard will smell like the perfume once did.

The mysteriously double walled bottle inspired us to create a bottle with an unexpected inside, it will be lit up from within. We have also made a light installation in the room made from hundreds of tiny light dots like fireflies that will visualise the ephemerality of scent.

The Swedish group Front was founded in 2003 and is composed of the designers Anna Lindgren, Sofia Lagerkvist and Charlotte von der Lancken, based in Stockholm. Their work springs from discussions, explorations and experiments, with the participation of all from the start of a project to its results. Front designs objects, furnishings and interiors that tell stories to those who observe them, exploring the process of implementation and the conventions of design, while investigating materials. In their work they have at times entrusted part of the process to the intervention of animals, computers or machines.


Guyla was established in 1926 at 40 rue de Paris, Epinay-sur-Seine. Guyla’s bottles were in the shape of champagne flutes, decorated with hand painted floral designs by Paul Poiret’s company Atelier Martine. One of the most famus fragrance Divin Narcisse was a floral fragrance with notes of camomile, myrtle, spices, ylang-ylang, jasmine, patchouli, vetiver, amber and sandalwood. Guyla was a very short lived company and not much info is to be found on them.

Scent New Nature

Art and nature are quiet, challenge each other, merge and exalt one another in a floral bond. Skilful, restrained brush strokes trace the colours and the gleam of the rose, the jasmine and the orange-flowers. Real, intense plants release scents of orange and bergamot, highlighting the virtuosity of art nouveau. The narcissus emerges from this harmony, in a glow of light that enhances its beauty, made warmer and quivering by amber.