A large rotating pencil is the sculptural celebration of the object-symbol of feminine charisma, in an explosion of color and creative energy

The ways to express ‘the energies of a positive and creative life’, according to Alessandro and Francesco Mendini, ‘are infinite’: one of them is a small, colorful, playful and gentle object, which makes every woman the artist of herself on a daily basis: lipstick.

The Mendini brothers pay sculptural homage to this object, creating a divertissement on a monumental scale: a large steel lipstick that stands in the cortile d’onore, composed of two cylinders of over one meter in diameter covered with a colored film.

The opposite rotational movement of the two cylinders makes the lipstick emerge from its container. The round form is a tribute to il rossetto, the bestselling product by Deborah Milano, which has collaborated to make the sculpture by the Mendini brothers.


The Medini brothers have worked together since 1989, the year of the founding of Atelier Mendini. Alessandro, who has written the theoretical manifesto of Energy for Creativity, recently received the European Prize for Architecture 2014. Monumento a IL ROSSETTO has been produced with Deborah Milano.

Alessandro and Francesco Mendini

Alessandro and Francesco Mendini