The model of a new spatial concept for musical theater, in the form of an ascending spiral that connects audience and stage, emerging from the frame of a large red box

The experience developed by the architect Valerio Maria Ferrari in the field of set design and directing of opera for the world’sleading theaters leads to the conception of a new spatial model for the musical theater, on which he has worked for over twenty years: it is the Visual Music Facilities Theater, in which an ascending spiral shapes the stage and the zone for the audience, bringing them together, with the orchestra at the center.


Valerio Maria Ferrari makes this the protagonist of an installation in the Cortile d’Onore, created in collaboration with Bioseutica, in which the model of the theater, painted white, is presented inside a large red enclosure with an opening in the form of a mouth.

The installation features a film on the theme of food in opera, revealing the links between these two forms of cultural and artistic expression, closely connected to Italian identity.


With his studio VMCF Atelier, with offices in Paris and Milan, Valerio Maria Ferrari operates in the field of architecture and, at the same time, conducts research on musical theater: one example is the Visual Music Facilities Theater, the protagonist of the installation done with Bioseutica, the worldwide company of reference in the sector of natural enzymes. The video is by Eric Frechu.

Valerio Maria Ferrari

Valerio Maria Ferrari