A section dedicated to eight lost brands which have been assigned to eight world-renowned designers

The reinterpretation of the eight brands has been assigned to eight designers who have rethought their history and characteristics in keeping with personal sensibilities: they have acted as artistic directors of the brands to demonstrate that design can become a strong point for small businesses.


Scent and Psyche project Tord Boontje
Waldes Et Spol Pavilion

Veredas project Fernando and Humberto Campana
Biette Pavilion

Pioggia Botanica project DimoreStudio
Bertelli Pavilion

Fragrance Particles project Front
Guyla Pavilion

Kuriopotek project Jaime Hayon
Felix Boissard Pavilion

Lundborg e il laboratorio di un naso project Lissoni Associati
Lundborg Pavilion

Bertif, Timeless Scent project Jean-Marie Massaud
Bertif Pavilion

Fandango project Nendo
Koehler & Co Pavilion

Gerlain Ghislein