An exhibition narrates, in images, the construction of the work of architecture that will represent italy at the universal exposition, and is already its symbol

On the first of may, when the Expo opens, Padiglione Italia will be ready: composed of Palazzo Italia and the buildings of the Cardo, it is the place that represents our country on the Expo site.

Palazzo italia is a project by Michele Molé and Susanna Tradati, studio Nemesi&Partners, creators of the entire italian pavilion, and it sets some records: it is the only permanent Expo building, reaching a height of 35 meters, the tallest in the event.

An exhibition in images set up in the hall of the Aula Magna retraces the most important moments of the worksite and narrates the birth of this iconic building that stands out for its external enclosure with a branching pattern, a surface of 9000 m2 composed of 750 panels of biodynamic cement with the tx active principle, both patents of italcementi: in contact with sunlight the principle lets the material capture pollutants, transforming them into mineral salts. The panels are made with the technology of Styl-Comp.


The studio Nemesi&Partners, based in Rome, guided by Michele Molè, founder and director, and Susanna Tradati, associate partner, has done the design of Padiglione Italia for Expo Milano 2015. The exhibition in images narrates the making of Palazzo Italia and has been produced in collaboration with Italcementi Group.

Michele Molè e Susanna Tradati, Nemesi&Partners ph. Luigi Filetici

Michele Molè e Susanna Tradati, Nemesi&Partners ph. Luigi Filetici