The Salone del Mobile 2022 will be held from 7 to 12 June: here's what to expect, in the words of the organizers

When we talk about Salone del Mobile it always seems that everything is the same as it was (and, it is assumed, always will be). Instead the press conference to talk about the Salone del Mobile 2022 (at the Teatro Lirico in Milan, closed for some time and open for the occasion), demonstrates that in these two years of forced break something has changed.

A 2022 Salone del Mobile in the name of realism

More simplicity, more immediacy. And a realistic mood, poised between the satisfaction with the results of the furniture sector in 2021 (49 billion in turnover and an increase of 9 , 4% of exports) and the concern for the conflict in Ukraine, which will have repercussions that are still difficult to predict on the costs of raw materials and power.

But the Salone, there is no doubt, restarts from 7 to 12 June 2022. With the certainty on the part of all stakeholders (designers, brands, organizers, institutions) that the Salone del Mobile 2022 will be confirmed as the most important design fair in the world.

The Salone del Mobile: the most important design platform in the world

In summary, this is the opening of the President of the Salone del Mobile Maria Porro together with the Mayor of Milan Beppe Sala. The concept of 'restart' is obsolete, Sala said: the success of the Supersalone in September 2021 confirmed the role of the city and its centrality in the world panorama.

And if talking about enthusiasm right now is neither easy nor adequate, the certainty is that the furniture sector is present and ready to bet once again on an unmissable event, both for the city and for the sector. Not only for economic reasons, but to support the values of a Europe that now really needs to recognize itself in a common and shared identity through Milanese ingenuity, creativity and industriousness.

A full optional edition: Eurocucina, International Bathroom Exhibition, Salone Satellite and S.Project

The 2022 edition will once again occupy the entire exhibition center, or 200 thousand square meters, with more than 2000 exhibitors.

The June edition will also be the biennial edition of EuroCucina, of its collateral event FTK (Technology For the Kitchen) and of the International Bathroom Exhibition. S.Project , the exhibition dedicated to design products and surface solutions, is also back.

In summary: a truly complete show and Maria Porro confirms that she has received positive signals from foreign correspondents who announce a massive presence of quality professional visitors. There is a desire to return to the fair, to meet and probably reconfigure possible paths for the future.

Mario Cucinella: “Let's talk about transition, urban mining and home evolution”

Design with Nature is the installation designed by the architect Mario Cucinella for the "birthday" of the Salone and housed in pavilion 15 of S.Project . 1,400 square meters that will tell the ecosystem of the future of living. The research lenses used by the Bolognese architect are the ecological transition, the home evolution and the urban mining.

“This space aims to be a place for the public to meet and exchange information”, explains Mario Cucinella. "A place to explore the possibilities offered by natural resources , by the organic materials we are learning to use to stop depending on raw materials originating from oil".

But we will also talk about how cities are changing, how to decline the idea of ​​ city of 15 minutes in an Italian format. And how to use the resources present in the area to become more and more capable of facing the ecological revolution with every means available and with the right enthusiasm for the future.

The Salone Satellite at the forefront

The Salone Satellite in this edition occupies the initial part of the fair precisely to emphasize its key role as an engine for innovation and creativity in the sector. Six hundred exhibitors under 35 gathered under the theme "Designing for our future selves / Designing for our tomorrow".

An invitation to reflect on design inclusive, which favors autonomy, comfort, movement, usability, interaction and safety. The exhibition layout has been renewed, inspired by the concept of the square and once again reaffirms the concept of the Salone as a place to meet and build new collaborative networks.

Emiliano Ponzi: “Leave empty spaces to imagine yourself as part of something”

Finally, the brand identity and communication project: this year was entrusted to Emiliano Ponzi. Six beautiful illustrations that paint as many decades of the Salone del Mobile in Milan. Its relationship with the city, with the lifestyle. The cultural link between design and new lifestyles, which, decade after decade, the Show has witnessed through the products of the Italian industry.

“When you draw it is always better to leave an empty space”, explains Emiliano Ponzi. “It represents that individual detail that serves to identify oneself, to recognize oneself within a greater story”. And perhaps also to let the imagination wander in a somewhat brighter future. In short, to the hope that design can show us a viable way once again.

A public Talk program

Finally, a 'short but intense' public program, according to Maria Porro, usable face to face and in streaming. The issues are important. The program curated by Chiara Alessi will focus on the history of design, the one curated by Beatrice Leanza on digital frontiers for the world of furniture, and that of Maria Cristina Didero on sustainability and design companies.

The Salone del Mobile 2022 in the city

An exhibition in the city is also planned for the Salone del Mobile 2022. At the Hall of the Caryatids in Palazzo Reale, from 7 June to 17 June in fact The Magic Box , a site specific audio-visual installation by Davide Rampello. The curator has chosen the 11 institutional principles of the Salone - _Emotion, Business, Quality, Project, System, Communication, Culture, Youth, Ingenuity, Milan, Know-how - and has entrusted them to 11 cinematographic talents who they had the task of telling them.

Will pull the strings of the story, respectively: Francesca Archibugi, Pappi Corsicato, Davide Rampello, Wilma Labate, Bruno Bozzetto, Luca Lucini, Claudio Giovannesi, Gianni Canova, Donato Carrisi, Daniele Ciprì, Stefano Mordini.

The target? Awaken our sense of wonder to create a memorable experience and, through the language of cinema and theater, celebrate the birthday of the event and Milan in the name of beauty.