An installation by David Lynch, an exhibition on the SaloneSatellite (in the Triennale), an underwater island to talk about the water crisis and the new exhibition formats for EuroCucina and Salone del Bagno: all the news on the Salone 2024

The Salone del Mobile 2024 (from 16 to 21 April) has  presented all its news for the 62nd edition:

  • a new layout for EuroCucina and for the Salone Internazionale del Bagno (read our in-depth analysis here)
  • an interior - a Thinking Room - designed by film director David Lynch
  • an immersive underwater installation by Emiliano Ponzi with Design Group Italia and Accurat
  • a great exhibition for the 25 years of the Salone Satellite at the Triennale
  • 6 performances on food in the EuroCucina pavilion
  • a Permanent Observatory in collaboration with the Milan Polytechnic
  • a schedule of talks and round tables at the Salone del Mobile Arena.

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It is precisely this word, evolution, that the Salone del Mobile has decided to highlight in its payoff for the 62nd edition: Where Design Evolves.

“Evolution means reinventing yourself and choosing how to do it. We have put listening and cooperation at the centre", explained the President of the Salone del Mobile Maria Porro.

“To do this, we use new tools, such as artificial intelligence, neuroscience, the collection and analysis of data, mixing them with a project that puts people at the centre: visitors, exhibitors and also citizens given that among the innovations of the Salone del Mobile 2024 there is also the creation of a permanent observatory on the city".

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But what are the highlights of the Salone del Mobile 2024, from 16 to 21 April?

The reorganization of EuroCucina + FTK (Hall 2-4) and Salone Internazionale del Bagno (Hall 6-10)

We already talked about the principles that guided the new layouts here.

Pavilions 2-4 (EuroCucina + FTK) and pavilions 6-10 (the International Bathroom Exhibition) will have a ring layout and will be visited following a symmetrical route obtained by positioning the stands at external perimeter walls. There will be public spaces, inspirational points, places of quiet, while the cultural elements of attraction will be positioned in the vanishing points, to keep visitors' interest alive.

From the evaluation of the new layouts, carried out using typical neuroscience techniques, it was found that, compared to traditional ones, they reduce the total travel time by 10%, increasing however, the sense of orientation by 15% and the memorability and number of alpha waves  – those that the brain emits when at rest, freeing up the ability to connect with the outside) by 40%.

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  1. Interiors by David Lynch: a Thinking Room (Hall 5-7)

In the films of David Lynch - himself a passionate creator of handmade furniture - furniture and interiors are always the reflection of the state of mind of those who live there, in a constant balance between anguish and tenderness, violence and pity, dream and nightmare.

For the Salone del Mobile 2024, with the curation of Antonio Monda, David Lynch created (in pavilion 5-7) an installation entitled Interiors by David Lynch. A Thinking Room: rooms, wrapped in Blue Velvet– that blue velvet – in which to get lost, seek oneself and find oneself, a mysterious and surprising place set up with an enormous wooden chair, seven golden cylinders , vaulted ceiling with metal tubes and openings to the outside to fly away with your mind and heart.

“In this installation Lynch recreates that dreamlike dimension typical of his work”, said Antonio Monda. “The one in which we get emotional without really understanding why.”

  1. Under the surface, by Accurat, Design Group Italia and Emiliano Ponzi (Salotto NY) (Pavilion 10)

The second artistic installation of the Salone del Mobile 2024 - in Pavilion 10, linked to the Salone Internazionale del Bagno - is dedicated to water and man's relationship with the element prince of his survival and of the planet.

Four hundred square meters occupied by underwater mountains, dominated by the surface of the sea from which rays of light enter: because Under The Surface is exactly what it says its name, a landscape under the sea, a submerged island.

In this extraordinary universe, thanks to a dynamic data-visualization that changes the reflections of light in the environment, visitors will be able to deal - in an emotional and interactive way - with information on the impact of daily practices in relation to water consumption and processes for water protection in the bathroom furnishings sector.

  1. Universo Satellite, Triennale, 16-28 April + SaloneSatellite (hall 5-7)

A major exhibition, curated by Beppe Finessi with installation by Ricardo Bello Dias, tells the story of the event conceived by Marva Griffin Wilshire 25 years ago at the Triennale di Milano (from 16 to April 28).

“It won't be a simple exhibition of objects,” explained Beppe Finessi (already curator of previous exhibitions created for the Satellite's other important "birthdays"). "On the contrary, we will bring on stage artefacts, prototypes, documents, photographs, drawings... everything needed to tell the wonderful and complex relationship between the world of production and the young talents who have started their careers thanks to the Salone Satellite (more than 14 thousand in 25 years)”.

Connecting Design is, moreover, the theme of the 25th edition of SaloneSatellite, now positioned in a more strategic location - close to David Lynch's installation, in the final part of Pavilions 5-7.

  1. All You Have Ever Wanted to Know About Food Design in Six Performances”, EuroCucina, (hall 2-4)

At the center of EuroCucina, a large fluid and welcoming stage, will host six independent international food magazines which, together with artists, designers and chefs from all over the world, will present a new and original vision of the present and future of ingredients that nature offers us. There will be installations (accessible all day) and food tasting experiences, presentations of editorial projects and talks (from 2.30pm). The magazines involved are Family Style (United States), L'Integrale (Italy), Linseed Journal (Great Britain), Magazine F (South Korea) The Preserve Journal (Austria), Farta (Portugal).

  1. The permanent Observatory, in collaboration with the Polytechnic of Milan

The Salone del Mobile.Milano commissioned the Department and the School of Design of the Polytechnic of Milan, a complete and multidisciplinary investigation involving public institutions and the main stakeholders of the design sector to explore - data in hand - the relationship of eco-system that links the event to the city.

“To finally seriously understand”, explained Maria Porro, “the cultural, social, economic impact, as well as the influence in terms of growth, legacy and transmission of skills that the Salone del Mobile week triggers on city. The aim is to promote greater sustainability, inclusion and circularity during that week.”

“The works”, said Stefano Maffei who coordinates the project for the Polytechnic of Milan together with Francesco Zurlo, “have begun and will continue throughout the Salone and in the years to come. The result will be data and related analysis, aimed at providing guidance for the future of the event in its relationship with the city".

  1. “Drafting Futures”, talk program by Annalisa Rosso, Arena del Salone del Mobile, every day 11am

The format of Talk and Round Tables continues, curated by Annalisa Rosso, in the Arena designed by Formafantasma. Among the personalities present for the Salone del Mobile 2024 edition, Francis Kéré interviewed by Giulia Ricci, John Pawson in conversation with Deyan Sudjic, Jeanne Gang who will talk to Johanna Agerman Ross, Hans Ulrich Obrist who will interview Maria Porro.

The Round Tables will instead address issues such as the use of AI, the relationship between nautical and design, news in the hospitality sector.

Among the new projects linked to this section, the new Salone del Mobile Library by Formafantasma and the Corraini bookshop.

Cover photo: Lost and Roll © Gianluca Vassallo 

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