Tortona District will be one of the liveliest and most scenic centers of FuoriSalone 2022. Thanks to the hot topics of the district: feminine design, art, nature and technology. And above all: the future

The Superstudio Più, Base Milano, Opificio 31. And all the satellite spaces that revolve around the hubs of FuoriSalone 2022 in Zona Tortona . A district that goes as far as the Navigli and the Barona, touching both hype neighborhoods and the suburbs, changing configurations and nomenclature year after year.

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This year's themes cover an arc ranging from pop - feminine design, the new metropolitan open air, sustainability - to design addict. Zona Tortona, as told in the press conferences, promises experimental impetus and a multitude of macro and micro events: fortunately all the players of the zone are committed to designing with reuse and upcycling in mind.

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What to see in Zona Tortona during FuoriSalone 2022: the selection of Interni

Ögonblick - A Life at home exhibition

Ikea Festival, Tortona Design Week, Base Milano, via Bergognone 34

To see why: H22 is a project born in Helsingborg, Sweden, to build the sustainable city of the future. Ikea participates in telling the different moments of life thanks to the deep understanding of people and the relationship with their homes, analyzed every year through the Life at Home Report.

The plus: Ögonblick, the installation that tells H22, is a physical and digital installation that tries to analyze the relationship between man and objects using the filter of the important moments of people's life. As if to say that the future is imagined starting from what really matters.

Superdesign Show

Superstudio Più, via Tortona 27

To see why: we go to the Superdesign Show as if on a pilgrimage. An unmissable visit also for the nostalgic of the first FuoriSalone. The patrons are always them: Gisella Borioli and Giulio Cappellini. And the theme can only be Looking ahead. Twelve areas and as many exhibitions that aggregate collective and individual presences.

The plus: this year to report Asian impact and Case cozy like this. The first is dedicated to companies from the Far East, which should be kept an eye on to understand what one of the largest markets in the world is doing (and one of the most capable project parterres to face the project pragmatically). The second to return to dealing with furniture. Because, as Giulio Cappellini says: "It's an FuoriSalone del Mobile, so let's go back to focusing on the furnishing of the houses".

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Urban Matter (s) -Material Reduction for a Lighter City

Materially, Superstudio Più, via Tortona 27

To see why: sustainable materials, development and innovation starting from a completely female team. These two reasons would be enough to take a look at the exhibition of this FuoriSalone 2022 in the context of the Superdesign Show. But this year there is also Valentina Ventrelli, for years under the Future Concept Lab of Francesco Morace and now as independent curator. The focus of the exhibition is in the title: subtraction and second life to lighten the urban impact.

The plus: within the same Materials Sustainability area of ​​the Superdesign Show, there is also the installation of Alcantara Someone is lying . The theme is greenwashing, within a visual narrative that wants to immediately explain the traps of marketing.

Other events not to be missed (article being updated)


  • Radical Pop Terrace

Tortona Design Week, Superstudio Più, via Tortona 27

An urban garden created by the duo Cattelan and Ferrari of Toiletpaper magazine for glo.

  • Hypernova

Tortona Design Week, Superstudio Più, via Tortona 27

The installation conceived by Sara Ricciardi for glo blends botanical elements, animals, machinery and electronic components in a cohesive plot.

  • ein&zwanzig

German Design Council, Tortona Rocks, Opificio 31, via Tortona 31

The best of young German design.

  • New Times (made in Slovenia)

Center for Creativity Slovenia, Tortona Rocks, Opificio 31, via Tortona 31

A succession of projects that break established social habits.

  • They Will Design

Base Milano, via Bergognone 34

Within We will design, the exhibition of Base Milano, a look at young international designers.

  • Fuoriserie. Uniqueness for tomorrow

SuperstudioPiù, via Tortona 27

The exhibition will exhibit some pieces of high artistic and artisanal value made by seven companies of the National CNA - National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises.

  • IQOS installation

Tortona Rocks, Opificio 31, via Tortona 31

A monumental work signed by Truly Design Crew and built on a structure treated with Airlite paint that allows to reduce pollutants in the air.

  • Orlando Tales

c/o Tenoha Milano, via Vigevano 18

The 'imaginary hotel' Orlando Tales, a magazine designed and structured like a hotel, becomes reality and opens its doors. Theme surrealism and illusion in art. An exhibition of excellent artists and artisans is also scheduled, as well as a series of events.

Cover photo: Completing the fragments of nature, winning project of The Roundabout: Design with Nature created by Tortona Design Week and Domus Academy. Urbo.Style creates all the outdoor elements of the installation located at the roundabout in via Bergognone.