The triple installation of the made in Barcelona automotive brand opens its doors. With direct inspiration from Matter and Nature.

A dragon forms from the storm clouds which gives way to the birth of the logo of the made in Barcelona brand.

An impactful video, with dark images that seem to flow from the center of the earth, from the primordial rock structures to the genesis of life, moreover signed by the Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona.

With this dark clip, the presence at theDesign Week of was inaugurated on April 16th Cupra, a young and unconventional car brand. And who decided to do things big, with a triple exhibition itinerary entitled "The rebel side of design", with the Cupra Garage in Corso Como 1 and the DarkRebel concept car at the centre.

Pierantonio Vianello, director of Cupra Italia, declared to Interni: “For us this is a special occasion, we have decided to participate in the great at the Milan Design Week, being part of the official circuit, because we want to express the design concept of Cupra to the maximum.

We started last year with an experiment, we had an installation here with pure material elements, inspired by those of nature, stones and sounds that recreated an atmosphere very particular.

But this year we wanted to do more, a setup that truly represents our spirit, here in our Cupra Garage”.

The Cupra Garage has become a central presence in Corso Como, it is not a temporary store, but a permanent meeting point. In fact, Vianello continues: “We inaugurated it on 6 September 2021, with an act of courage, when the Design week had been postponed due to the lockdown.

And since then it has been a living reality, hosting continuous initiatives. We went further, because we had a dream which is the DarkRebel, displayed in a magical display case in front of the Cupra Garage and which expresses the design of our brand to the fullest".

Francesca Sangalli, design director of Cupra, commented on the prototype resulting from her work and the stylistic team: "The DarkRebel  is a ShowCar, a design-manifesto that anticipates the guidelines, the elements that will be found in our cars of the future.

And what we have brought here is directly linked to the central theme of the Design Week, "Matter Nature", the raw aspect of nature, linked to new innovative processes for build the car, both in color (Mercury drop, a non-color that lives on the reflections of light) and in the interior materials”.

We remind you that the Cupra route is open until April 21st and that in addition to the Cupra Garage there are two other exhibition situations.

The VR experience, of augmented reality, which will combine the real world with the virtual one with a phygital experience (at the Cupra Basement inside the Garibaldi Gallery where one understands the meaning of the Rebel side of design) and the Cupra Lounge, a space which in the layout will reflect a new interpretation of the materials and aesthetic codes of the brand (c/o the Cupra Garage Milano), opening the doors to new partnerships and collaborations with brands that share the spirit and philosophy of Cupra such as Gandía Blasco ( for outdoor furnishings in the auditorium), Fini (for food), San Miguel and Red Bull (for beverage).