Evento Agape 12

Agape12_ 01-2021_ Agape_Grassi Pietre_ ph ikkio

Agape, Grassi Pietre @ Agape 12, ph. Ikkio

Agape12_ 02-2021_ Key Cucine_ ph ikkio

Key Cucine @ Agape 12, ph. Ikkio

Agape12_ 04-2021_ CP Parquet_ Gypsum_ Grassi Pietre_ Antrax IT_ Aroma_ ph ikkio

CP Parquet, Gypsum, Grassi Pietre, Antrax IT, Aroma @ Agape 12, ph. Ikkio

Agape12_ 10-2021_ Agapecasa - The Apartment_ ph ikkio

Agapecasa - The Apartment @ Agape 12, ph. Ikkio

Here. There. After.

A showcasefor some of the most intriguing contemporary design companies, but also a place for design activity, the concept store presents Here. There. After., an exhibition of the latest products from the participating brands. With Agape, Agapecasa, Antrax IT, @Aroma,CP Parquet, Effe, Grassi Pietre, Gypsum, Key Cucine, Zenucchi Design Code.


6-12 h. 10.00-21.00

T. +39 02 65560296