Evento Altai

8.Altai Gallery,Zakatala,Kurdistan,early 20th century,wool

Zakatala, rug

7.Altai Gallery,Kilim Qashqai,South Persia,early 20th century,wool

Kilim Qashqai, rugs

6.Altai Gallery,Stuoia Sahariana,Mauritania,early 20th century,wood and leather

Saharan, mat

4.Altai Gallery,Filikli,Karapinar,Anatolia,early 20th century,angora wool

Filikli, rug

1.Altai Gallery,Djulkir,Uzbekistan,early 20th century, wool

Djulkir, rugs

L’infanzia dell’arte

Human beings began using needles 45,000 years ago. Creation was necessary. The last nomads, extinct for one century, transmitted the signs of these primordial tensions intact, on very powerful textile works. The gallery is a reference point for primitive textile arts, presenting rugs and tapestries, the legacy of this genesis.