Evento Articles + Kristiina Lassus

1. Articles + Kristiina Lassus _S.Project _Salone19 _72dpi _1920x1080pxls_3

Articles + Kristiina Lassus, S.Project, Salone del Mobile 2019

2. Articles showroom Stockholm pic 1920x1080_72dpi

Articles showroom Stockholm, Socialclub lounge chair and Boxlike sofa design Anna von Schewen; Softcolumn table and Howdoyoudo chair design Björn Dahlström

3. Rugs kristiina Lassus _Gallery _Koy SLT - Loom ML2_foto _72dpi _ 1920x1280pxls _060522kl

Koy SLT, rug, design Kristiina Lassus; Loom ML2, rug, design Johanna Gullichsen

4. Articles sofcolumn table pic 1920x1080_72dpi

Articles Softcolumn table design Björn Dahlström, Cube vase design Carina Seth Andersson

5. Kristiina Lassus _ Akana, Otane and Ululu rugs _7579-2_72dpi _1920x1080 -2

Akana DGR, Otane NL1 and Ululu SL, rugs, design Kristiina Lassus

Articles + Kristiina Lassus

Exhibition of two unique brands. New designs for the Kristiina Lassus artisan rug collection. An original family of stools designed by Inga Sempé becomes part of the Articles series of furnishings and accessories.
Design Kristiina Lassus, Inga Sempé, Björn Dahlström, Anna von Schewen, Carina Seth Andersson


6 h. 14.00-19.00
7-9 h. 10.00-21.00
10-11 h. 10.00-20.00
12 h. 10.00-14.00

T. +39 02 39800027