Evento D-house by Dyloan

01_3D Printing technology by Stratasys

D-house by Dyloan, 3D Printing technology by Stratasys

02_Instant thread coloring Digital embroidery by Coloreel

D-house by Dyloan, instant thread coloring Digital embroidery by Coloreel

03_Heat-bonding solutions by Framis Italia

D-house by Dyloan, heat-bonding solutions by Framis Italia

04_Collaborative robots by Universal Robots

D-house by Dyloan, collaborative robots by Universal Robots

05_D-house by Dyloan - D-refashion lab project

D-house by Dyloan, D-refashion lab project

The Urban Laboratory, with its unique approach to responsible innovation, education and R&D, presents solutions designed with its partners Stratasys, Dinamica by Miko, Bond Factory, ShapeMode, Framis, Coloreel, Shima Seiki, Universal Robots, The Woolmark Company, Lineapelle, Plef


FROM 19:00
TO 22:00

Stratasys Cocktail by invitation
(with world leading 3D printing technologies)

6-12 h. 10.00-18.00

7 Stratasys Cocktail by invitation h. 19.00-22.00

T. +39 334 1648569