Evento Eco Contract + Eco Design

1. ReForm Transition Ecotrust_pavimento Tessile_EGE

ReForm Transition Ecotrust, textile floor, design Ege Carpets

2. MDI_Inalco dim

MDI, surface, design Inalco

3. Econyl_Pavimenti tessili_EGE dim

Econyl, 100% recycled fiber textile flooring, design Ege Carpets

4. Pavimenti Vinilici_Amtico dim

Vinyl floors, design Amtico

5. Sesia&Co_Materials dim

Materials, design Sesia&Co

Presentation of the new 100% eco-compatible design collections of floors, facings, fabrics and acoustic panels in LVT, wood, carpet, MDI and polyscreen.


7-12 h. 10.00-19.00

T. +39 02 20241682