Evento Lisa Corti

1 Lisa Corti Vienna Blue Cream table set

Vienna Blue Cream, table set

2 Lisa Corti Outdoor Fabric Stripes Blue and Corolla Royal Blue

Stripes Blue and Corolla Royal Blue, outdoor fabric

3 Lisa corti Royal Palace White tablecloth

Royal Palace White, tablecloth

4 Lisa Corti Vienna Blue Cream tablecloth

Vienna Blue Cream, tablecloth

5 Lisa Corti Camelia Magenta Pink bedcover quilt

Camelia Magenta Pink, bedcover quilt

High Summer

For the very first time, the Milanese brand of fabrics known for its very personal style presents a line of outdoor fabrics for gardens, terraces and pergolas. The capsule collection reinterprets the classic motifs of corollas and stripes in four color variants, in dialogue with each other for a chromatic explosion.