Design Space AlUla

Guida Fuorisalone
Design Space AlUla_Madrasat Addeera Editions_Duna_The Seating Dune by TAKK Mireia Luzárraga and Alejandro Muiño_AlUla_1

Dune, seating, design TAAK - Mirela Lizarraga and Alejandro Muino

Design Space AlUla_Madrasat Addeera Editions_Algharameel_The Magical Pillars by Dr Zahrah Alghamdi_AlUla (1)

The Magical Pillars, design Zahrah Alghamdi

Design Space AlUla_AlUla Design Residency_Unguessed Kinships_Takki by Lee Ajlan_AlUla 2024 © Lorenzo Arrigoni_7

Kinships, design Lee Ajlan, ph. Lorenzo Arrigoni

Design Space AlUla_AlUla Design Residency_Unguessed Kinships_Surface! by bahraini danish_AlUla 2024 © Lorenzo Arrigoni_9

Surface by Bahraini, ph. LorenzoArrigoni

Design Space AlUla_AlUla Design Residency_Unguessed Kinships_Haus Dari by hall haus_AlUla 2024 © Lorenzo Arrigoni_2

Design Residency, haus Dari, design, ph. Lorenzo Arrigoni

Madrasat Addeera Editions & AlUla Design Residency

Premiere of design projects. The exhibition features Saudi and international designers who integrate traditional crafts and materials. AlUla’s natural history and cultural heritage is celebrated, promoting a mindful design culture.

Scenography Cloud & Studio Sabine Marcelis


FROM 09:30
TO 14:00

Press Preview h. 9.30-14.00

FROM 14:00
TO 17:00

Press Preview h. 14.00-17.00

16-21 h. 10.00-20.00
14 Press Preview h. 14.00-17.00
15 Press Preview h. 9.30-14.00