1 - Gaetano Pesce at workingallery (ph Olga Antipina)

Gaetano Pesce at work in gallery, ph. Olga Antipina

3. GAETANO PESCE - Dalila Chair XL, 2024

Dalila, chair, design Gaetano Pesce

4. GAETANO PESCE - Maybeee, 2023

Maybeee, lustres, design Gaetano Pesce

10. GAETANO PESCE - Origami Table 2023 (2)

Origami, table, design Gaetano Pesce

24. GAETANO PESCE - Il Pugno (Si È Dischiuso...) 1971:2023 (1)

Il pugno...(si è dischiuso ecc...), sofa, design Gaetano Pesce

Nice to See You | L’Uomo Stanco

The monographic exhibition Nice to See You features around thirty works, mainly unreleased, by the renowned Italian designer and artist. Also, the monumental outdoor installation L’Uomo Stanco addresses the ethic tiredness of the so-called stronger sex.


FROM 17:00
TO 18:00

Press Preview by invitation h. 17.00-18.00

15-21 h. 10.00-18.00 (fino al/until 23/04)
14 Press Preview by invitation h. 17.00-18.00

T. +39 02 806921