Fs 2024_raffles_RM1

Uncover Everything, Letizia Camerino, Hopper House

Fs 2024_raffles_RM2

Uncover Everything, Letizia Camerino, Color Contrast

Fs 2024_raffles_RM3

Uncover Everything, Freja Lund Petersen, Ph. Daniele Notaro

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Uncover Everything, Emiliano Colombo, facetoface

Fs 2024_raffles_RM5

Envision Everythink, Endless House

Design Everythink

The international school of fashion and design presents Design Everythink, a multidisciplinary program that interprets current changes in the world of design. While the headquarters is the fulcrum of the various exhibitions, the institute also becomes an active part of the Porta Venezia district, creating its visual identity.