Evento Unduetrestella

UnDueTreStella_1_Ludico_Luca Schiller

Ludico, fabric and hand-embroidered chairs, design Luca Schiller

UnDueTreStella_2_Forest animal set_Eperfa

Forest animal set, wooden toys, design Eperfa

UnDueTreStella_3_Flora_ OmegaLight and Furf Design Studio

Flora, lamp, design OmegaLight and Furf Design Studio

UnDueTreStella_4_Primary colours set_Happy squares

Primary colours set, playful construction set, design Happy Squares

UnDueTreStella_6_Play furniture solutions, Wonderwuzz

Play furniture solutions, design Wonderwuzz

Unduetrestella design week

Art, design and creativity are the key words of the project that for over 10 years has showcased the most interesting solutions for living and growing with children, collaborating with Italian and international brands, companies, designers, artists and creative talents.