The Meet Lab with Tainan City Government

Portico Richini e Portico San Nazaro - Università degli Studi di Milano

“To tell the world, for the first time in a complete way, about the capacity for design and innovation in textile manufacturing in Taiwan,” formed by small family businesses and large industrial groups that invest sizeable resources in research and development to create innovation, wealth and health.


This is the mission of BraIN Taiwan, the installation that takes visitors on a voyage between Portico Richini and Portico San Nazaro, staged by the Italo-Taiwanese artistic collective The Meet Lab (curators Louis Ma, Giampaolo Galenda, Elena Gemelli and designers Beatrice Arenella, Andrea Bonessa, Nicola Brembilla, Lorenzo Palmeri), commissioned by the government of the city of Tainan and the Department for Industrial Development and the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan.

Louis Ma

The exhibition is divided into eight project areas, presenting fabrics in graphene, the thinnest material in the world, with good properties of thermal conduction, produced by Everest Textile, or the products of Eysan, moisturizing thanks to collagen gathered from scrap from the processing of fish, which prevent irritation, are pleasant to the touch and have the ability to break up odor molecules.

The ultralight AirySektor membrane by BenQ Materials can be applied to any type of synthetic or natural fiber, and represents a true revolution in the sector of breathing, non-toxic waterproof fabrics. Finally, visitors can see the surprising reflecting products (when lit by a flash) of ShinKong Textile.