Vivian Coser witj Abirochas, Apex Brasil

Cortile d'Onore - Università degli Studi di Milano

The intense impressions of Brazil, her country of origin, and of the exotic stones with vibrant colors that form the rocky landscape, are the sources of inspiration for the installation by Vivian Coser, produced with Abirochas and Apex-Brasil, in the Cortile d’Onore.

Vivian Coser

The relations between man and nature are summed up in a configuration of organic forms with accentuated curves, which interpret the traces and character of a specific environmental and cultural genius loci. The project is like an enveloping lounge, containing a set of Botanique coffee tables stacked in a dynamic balance.

The setting is enclosed by dense vegetation installed for the occasion (the average height of the plants is 120 cm), which lights up in the evening thanks to a series of direct spotlights shining upward on the sculptural table-landscapes and on a Philodendron undulatum tree, the protagonist in one corner of the area.

This is the most explicit reference to a nature that seeks a dialogue with contemporary man, stimulating him to shape his environment in order to rediscover tranquility and wellness.

Brasigran, Gramazini, Guidoni, Madeiras Ecologicas, Magban, Marbrasa, Nebrax by ddchem, iGuzzini Illuminazione