Project by Embassy of Italy in Madrid-Interni Magazine, Coam, di_mad, Ghidini 1961, Officine Tamborrino, Ethimo

Loggiato Sud del Cortile d'Onore - Università degli Studi di Milano

Design: A Voyage in Italy and Spain is a competition organized by the Italian Embassy in Madrid, in collaboration with Interni, Coam (Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid) and di_mad (Asociación de Diseñadores de Madrid), with the aim of supporting the value of Italian design in Spain and spreading it in universities, design schools and among young professionals.

Invented for the occasion of Italian Design Day 2018, the contest was launched in Madrid on 4 October during the Semana de la Arquitectura. Schools taking part included Elisava (Barcelona), Esne-Escuela Universitaria de Diseño, Innovación y Tecnología (Madrid), IED Barcelona, IED Madrid, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid), alongside young professionals under 35, and for the making of the prototypes of the winning projects the companies Ethimo, Ghidini 1961 and Officine Tamborrino.

On 13 December 2018 the jury chaired by the ambassador Stefano Sannino and composed of Gilda Bojardi, editor of Interni, Luciano Galimberti, president of ADI, Marva Griffin, founder and curator of the Salone Satellite, Maria Güell, light designer, Carlos Lahoz, vice-president of COAM, and Mariano Martín, secretary of di_mad, met at the Arnoldo Mondadori building in Segrate (MI) to select eleven finalists. The three winning projects were Loop Kitchen, a monoblock kitchen by Jesús López de los Mozos (Officine Tamborrino), Buffet Capa by Manuel García Fraile (Ethimo) and Ness, a modular trivet by students from IED Madrid, Cristina Castillo and Patricia Lallana (Ghidini 1961). There were also eight honorable mentions.

The exhibition created by the architect Davide Valoppi (Noarc Studio) in the South Loggia of the Cortile d’Onore presents the models of the three winning projects and drawings and renderings of the eight honorable mentions.